Sprint’s HTC One A9 Gets Certified, Marketing Name Confirmed

As you probably already know, HTC has recently confirmed that it will release yet another smartphone, this month, on October 20th.

In regards to what exactly will HTC unveil later this month, it’s the general consensus that the long rumored HTC One A9 will make its international debut. And although we (along with many others) thought HTC will take the wraps off its upcoming “hero” device on two previous occasions (on September 6th and on September 29th), this should be it, right?

However, the bad news for HTC is that we already saw the One A9 in action (and it didn’t impress us with its iPhone-like design) and found out about it’s mid-range specs. Let’s hope that HTC still has some tricks up its sleeve.

Getting back to the matter at hand, today we saw several HTC One A9 models getting certified both by FCC and the Global Certification Forum (GCF). For more details join us after the break.


First things first let’s establish that the HTC One A9 also goes by the 2PQ9XXX where the XXX part is a placeholder for different models and variations.

How do we know that? Well, the FCC has just certified a device that goes by the 2PQ9100. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, just an yet unreleased HTC device, until we look at the label. Check it out, below.


As it can be seen the 2PQ9100 is an HTC One A9 variation, called A9u. Judging by the network bands supported by this version, the A9u might be an international version.

But that’s not all, FCC has also approved the HTC 2PQ9120 which looks like it’s a North American version (supports LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 7, 12 which are common to a handful of North American carriers) and the HTC 2PQ9300 which supports LTE bands 25 and 26 (among others), bands which are specific to Sprint.

Now that we’ve finished with the FCC certifications let’s move on to the GCF one. This is special because it actually confirms the HTC One A9 name.

Check it out.


So, we’re definitely getting closer to HTC Ona A9’s launch. Hot or not?