TSMC: 10nm Pilot Line In June, Essential for Apple A10 Orders (Rumors)

Last month, word on the street was that the battle between Samsung and TSMC came to an end after the Korean smartphone maker received 100% of the Apple A9 orders. Not too long after these reports made it in the headlines, a series of rumors suggested that TSMC could actually be responsible for the manufacturing of 30% of all the A9 orders, while Samsung will handle the rest in its 14nm factories.

However, more recently we came across a couple of interesting reports from Taiwan suggesting that Apple will increase TSMC’s orders for the A9 SoC and that the next-gen A10 chips might be entirely manufactured by TSMC using a 10nm manufacturing process which will be set in place by the end of 2015.

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TSMC: 10nm Pilot Line in June

According to the latest series of reports from Taiwan, by the end of June, TSMC will establish a 10nm pilot line in a total of 12 factories located in Hsinchu. Sources add that the chipmaker already started a semiconductor intellectual property program and say that TSMC will be ready to sign up with potential clients by the end of the year.

Industry watchers in Taiwan are also of the opinion that TSMC’s 10nm factories will be essential for the Apple A10 orders. Not only that but rumors have it that if TSMC will have its factories up and running in due time, the manufacturer could acquire 100% of all the Apple A10 orders.

Whatever the case may be, remember that the Apple A9 hasn’t been launched yet so trying to figure out who will win over the Apple A10 race is quite difficult at this point. Treat the rumors accordingly and remain skeptical if you will. Either way, if TSMC is indeed working on a 10nm pilot line for June, we’re bound to hear more about the company’s progress on this front sooner rather than later.