Vivo Working On The World’s Thinnest Smartphone (3.8 mm)?

While companies like Motorola don’t necessarily think a thin smartphone makes a good smartphone (at least based on the dimensions of its latest flagship devices), other manufactures take pride in their ability to create slim handsets. Apple is one of these companies, and the iPhone has constantly been in a race for supremacy in this regard.

Nevertheless, the title for the thinnest smartphone in the world currently goes to the Gionee Elife S5.1, whose profile measures only 5.1 mm. The crown might soon find a new owner though, as a new rumor / leak from China suggests that Vivo is working on a mind-bogglingly 3.8 mm thin handset.


Vivo Working on a 3.8 mm Smartphone?

The images above have recently popped-up on China’s social network Weibo, and what we’re looking at is the side-view of a mysterious new smartphone built by Vivo, which will allegedly measure only 3.8 mm in thickness. The handset is compared side-by-side with one of the thinnest and most popular smartphones around – the iPhone 5 / 5S – whose profile measures 7.6 millimeters. Needless to say, this new contender to the throne promises to be half the size of Apple’s 2013 flagship phone, and 1.3 mm thinner than the world’s current thinnest handset – the aforementioned Gionee Elife S5.1.

Sadly no other technical data has been revealed by the source, but we’re wondering how Vivo managed to cram a battery in a 3.8 mm profile, and whether or not this mysterious new device (if real) can hold its own in battery life benchmarks.

Such a thin profile would probably pose an issue in regards to the phone’s resilience too (especially now with the whole #bendgate conundrum), so perhaps Vivo will employ a different type of material. Perhaps the company borrowed a page from Oppo’s book and decided to make use of lithium-aluminum – an aerospace-grade material said to be roughly as strong as stainless steel, while having one third of its density.

I guess time will shed more light on the matter, and hopefully we’ll learn more about this alleged Vivo smartphone in the near future. Until more data emerges, feel free to remain skeptical.