Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Leaks – Fingerprint Sensor, Plastic Back

Do you remember that leaked render of what was rumored to be the upcoming android phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 2? It showed a fingerprint sensor and what some people thought it was to be a metallic build.

Today, a photo of the actual device (or of a dummy unit, we’re not sure) surfaced looking very similar.

Take a look below and join us after the break.

xiaomi redmi note 2

As you can see, if this is indeed the upcomig Redmi Note 2, the smartphone will come with a fingerprint scanner on its back.

Another detail revealed by the source (Weibo user zmeric) is that the back is made out of plastic and not metal. Being the budget device that it is, it entirely makes sense.

The question on your mind is probably if this is the read deal or just a fake. We can’t say for sure, but what we can say is that, after publishing the photo, it has been “retired” by Weibo administrators. The original poster even claims that this was done at the Xiaomi’s request. Good thing that another user managed to save the full pic before it went down.