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Top 10 Games like Clash of Clans

Games like Clash of Clans

Games like Clash of ClansTop 10 games like Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is an amazing strategy game in the history of mobile games. It makes $1,728,552 USD per day with 109,659 daily installs estimate, 5,588,999 daily active users. In the game you lead the clan to victory, fighting rival clans.

Building your army of Barbarians, mighty Dragons, Wizards, Archers, and other great fighters. Players can build and expand their kingdom, defend from enemies, and much more. Players can join to gather other players from the ultimate Clan or fight them and win amazing gifts.

The size of the games is just 50 MB, the current version is 7.1.1, which requires iPod/iPhone/iPod/Android. You might be looking for some other games like clash of clans.

Here are the top ten games like Clash of Clans


In the list of games like Clash of Clans, Castle Clash ranks 1st. Play it once and get addicted. In the begging a series of tutorials guides you on how to manage resources through constructing a building and your own army of imaginary creatures, leading them to the glory, the more you have resources the more you are powerful.

Castle clash let you have a battle in these in nine different ways Raids, Monsters, Heroes Trial, Team Dungeons, Torch Battle and Realm, Dungeons, Challenge a Boss, Hero Expeditions beside these this game includes Hero system and magic systems where you can hire heroes that are used in the same manners like other troops and spell the magic on your troops to heal them or on enemies to destroy them. The drawback of this game is it requires an internet connection.

Samurai Siege

Samurai siege is another game like Clash of Clans. One of the amazing and marvelous games, This game got Players Choice Award and Tabby Award, this game is in Japanese style setting, In the game, you have to build a great army that includes Samurai, Ninja, Dragon, Mongol and other great warriors to fight against evil shogun.

You can also go online and join other players from all over the world. This game is much easy to understand, it is faster then other strategy games you don’t have to wait for the troops to train If you want to be a successful player in the game.

The combination of your troops should include great and powerful weapons, cannons made for building destruction, ranged weapon users, dragons healers and others like Ram Commander. Before playing the game do not forget to take help from guides, Campaign Walk-through and Strategy guides.

Shadow Kings

A Shadow king is the best game like Clash of Clans, developed by Goodgame Studios. This game’s graphics are amazing and cool. You can also play this game online through your pc, in the game you need a great army to protect the citizens against the orc.

Just like other strategy games you have to manage the resources through production houses and build up a powerful army to defend and attack the enemies. The game is divided into three parts, Economic, Military, City management.

Under Economic management, you have to collect stones, wood, and foods. Under military management, you have to build up your army. In City management, you have to apply taxes on the citizen and collect more gold. The graphics and design are fantastic and amazing. It is really fun to play.

Jungle Heat

Jungle heat Clash of Clans alternative game, Available for Android and IOS and social networks. Enter the game, build your kingdom, lead your bloodthirsty army, prepare for war and go for killing. This game has gained a reputation rapidly among all strategy game lovers.

It has a jungle environment and with present-day army tools like guns, helicopters, rifles, RPG and many more, displayed with fine graphics. The tropics are rich in oil and gold minerals, your task is to develop your military base, take wealth from enemies and build a fortified fortress.

Capture all the areas and claim them for yourself, fighting bloodthirsty marauders. This game is far away from other strategy games by focusing on the military theme. Take pleasure in playing, the game is simple to learn and will have you absorb in a few minutes!

Battle Beach

Battle Beach is another similar game to Clash of Clans for Pc and Mac. It is an exciting consolidation of city building, tower defense, and online combats with other players. Raise your army, rebuilding civilization, fight against the forces of chaos to bring back law and order in the world, Army includes snipers, tanks and expo suits.

Upgrade the base to the strongest fortress and employ in combats with other players all over the world or make a powerful alliance with other players and increase the global ranks. Battle beach lets you defend your base with modern weapons and combatants, snipers, machine-guns, mines, and great walls.

Clan War HD

This is a superlative alternative to Clash of Clan for Pc. It is a copy of clash of clans. Everything is all most the same as in the clash of clans with minor differences. The matchmaking system lets you fight other clans of the same strength .size and power.

You can fight thousand of other clans online and win gifts and other bonuses in return, as you move forward the strength and power increase. You can start from 10 vs 10 or any number up to 50 vs 50.

Just like in other strategy games you have to first build your base and collect the resources by building the production houses and then military and grow up a solid and strong army, upgrade them and give orders to attack the enemies, every unit of your army will fight twice in one battle day.

The most powerful and skilled worriers of this game are Dragon, Wizard, Heroes, and others. It is really amazing and fun to play this game; music and the sound are awesome

Total Conquests

This is yet another best game like Clash of clans. All you have to do in this game is build your city and defend it by tower, walls, gates and other units manage the resources as quickly as possible to become dominate over your enemies and get powers.

The troop includes imaginary creatures and Heroes and other war legions, you have to lead them and attack your enemy’s bases, to finish the threat to your city and people.it is very easy and understandable.

Other features of this game are solo campaign to where you can challenge others and become the master of total conquest. You can join other players from all over the world and lead your army to success.

Battle Dragons

One of the top games like Clash of Clans. The list also includes battle dragons. This game especially focuses on the dragon theme. Build your dream fortress and lead the dragon’s army, destroy the enemy’s villages and cities.

You have to fight for wealth and your highness, This game is pretty easy, you can also join others through the world, it is really fun to play this game, training dragons, commanding them to fly and attacking, the new looks of the fortress are amazing, the imaginary dragons are amazing. The graphic used in the game is also excellent with a clear display. You can buy a clash of clans account.

Boom Beach

This is the modern Clash of Clans. The most amazing of all the above games, boom beach, is new and unique, the story of the game is the same you have to build an army, manage resources, and win the great war. You can play both single and multi-player beaches, so don’t wait to get started…