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Games like Sims Top 10 Best Alternatives

Games like Sims

Games like Sims

Games like Sims: Game sites have taken the world by storm. Sims is a very popular game of all the time; you can judge its popularity by its number of users which speaks for their brilliant success. The growing popularity has open opportunities for new players into the playing field to make their mark.

The Sims game was published by Electronic Arts EA. In the game, the player creates and has full control over their own stimulated characters known as Sims.

Using virtual characters players can communicate with objects and people in the game World. Besides these, the player can build their own unique identity that includes goals, relationship, ambition, and personality traits.

The player can build their house, grow a family, and live a luxurious life. The best thing about the Sims is character customization, housing, and building, control over the character’s life, randomized events (like real life) opportunities to build a relationship. Our collection of games like The Sims includes very best creative, sandbox and life simulation games with free and online options.

Here are the top 10 games like Sims

1: Lady Popular

If you are a fashion lover and like house decorating, you love Sims because of these elements. Then get ready to consider making an account on Lady Popular. It is free to play online and dedicated to the female audience. In the game, the player selects a character and customizes its appearance. It’s a battle of fashion, the players to win the fashion contests.

Besides these the game also lets the player arrange and decorate its apartment. All the furniture of your choice will be settled in the apartment in just a few minutes. It lets you arrange anything in any order. It is very fun to play this game. You can make many boyfriends, and live a luxurious life.

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2: My Sunny Resort

It is a very popular life stimulating game. This game lets you make your perfect resort with sun and palm trees. It is an online management game from the Upjers team that are popular for their browser-based experiences.

Using their old popular and successful formula of management games like the one my fantastic park they shifted the setting and introduced a number of new mechanics that are best to explore. Now you won’t be creating theme parks or zoo but sunny resorts. In-game your first objective is to make the sandy beach into the ultimate vacation resort.

For this, you must provide fun tasks and services that a customer is welling for. You have to make the best facilities and staff around to enjoy a five-star experience. Like most of the management games, my sunny resort is based on the journey of players that take a very modern property to the ultimate resort.

Your growth will increase as your resort starts providing mini-tasks, story quests and background to your adventures. This is an unmatchable life stimulating game, thousands of management activities and design works will entertain you.

Taking care of your customers and enjoy the popularity in the game world. The best thing about this game is it is a free online game. You can build your dream resort, lets you customize all the objects, interacting with guests to make them satisfying customers, hiring the best staff for work.

3: Instant Messaging Virtual Universe (IMVU)

It is one of many games like Sims. This game is a social-focused website that is available on-line for free. The game was started in 2004 and has grown quickly in that time to (10 (million)) registered users and millions of objects in its virtual catalog (most of them designed by users).

This game lets members create their own 3D avatars, contact people, create objects, take part in games & chat in a safe environment. It is essential to note that while IMVU is open to its members as young as thirteen the major age demographic is b/w eighteen and twenty-five.

IMVU also keep within bounds the access to accounts based on the age they provide upon signup to protect the experience is as safe as possible. The game also has members from a comprehensive range of locations thanks to its multi-language support.

In IMVU you’ll be engaged in meeting other people, changing avatar, playing other games, connecting with new people, chatting on the forums or making your own virtual content. Content making plays a key role in the on-line world of this game with other players having the ability to make their own content and sell it in the IMVU marketplace for cash.

Most of the players focus solely on this aspect of gameplay since they like the creation process. While other players choose to ignore content creation completely and focus on the social side of the game.

4: OurWorld

Our world is free online games for tweens and youngsters. It is the best game like Sims. In this game, you can create your own 3D avatar, been able to customize heavily any character in the game world. When you collect many coins you can unlock more features of the game.

The game you will be spending your time mostly on customizing your character, buy outfits, making your personality trait, chatting with other players and play other mini-games. The gameplay is similar to the game Sims.

You can control any character you created. At the beginning the game lets you choose your character from different characters both for boys and girls. Your first objective is to change your outfit, skin, hairs, mouth, lips, etc. When you are done with that return to the zoo and claim a reward.

This game has Lots of customization options Levels add another layer to the gameplay. It has best Designed for tweens and teenagers and lets you maintain a good balance between playing games and being social. This game has a large variety of game types.

5: Virtual Families

In the list of games like Sims, the next game is virtual families. This game focus on a virtual life that has to grow a family, create a dream house, making personality trait better, keep pets, etc. this game lets you take part in events, parties, play other mini-games and enjoy your social life.

You can perform all your daily routines by the character you selected the game world. In the games, these Virtual Families mix to a large number of random events to keep players on their toes. Illness, home repair, other family emergencies, and mini-games are random events.

It is Really fun to play these game-winning trophies taking part in other mini-games like running, play volleyball, walking at the beach, going to club dancing with friends, customizing your character, decorating the house and much more.

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6: Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

This game is identical to the game Sims. In 2004 singles were released. In the game, you can customize the characters almost everything. The game focuses on the romance between couples. It lets you create a single and find you match the personality and style of living.

Make romance successful it is important to improve your relationship with the roommate. By doing this you will unlock the additional actions to perform. You can also perform physical actions like hugging and kissing in the game world. Life simulating games like Sims and singles flirt up your life is best for fans to enjoy life in the virtual world.

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7: The Movies

This is one of many games like Sims. It is created by lion head studies in 2005. This game can be played on both pc and MAC. The game focuses on the movies studios. Player has control over many aspects of their studio like designing movies and making films themselves.

The player has to start from the early days of the cinema and then develop into a big production house. Player progress increases through time periods and utilizing the available technology.

Players will spend most of the time creating his own movies and showing them off. Controlling the lives of the actors and managing movie studio.

8: Suburbia

If you are in search of Sims alternative games I recommend you to try Suburbia. Suburbia also available at Facebook, the idea is clearly copied from the game sims. But unfortunately, it is retired some reason now. It is not just a copy but has many new features of fun for the fans of life simulation games.

The game lets the player control their character’s life in 2d surroundings and can have command over all actions. The starting of suburbia is with small funds and a little run down place to call home. As you utilize more time in the game you can buy a large collection of objects to better your living style and condition. The player can move anywhere, is not limited to the home.

The game mostly focuses on completing the task like most of the Facebook games does. This game is really fun to play. You can also join your friends and look at their houses and get inspired by their virtual world. You can also take help from your friends to complete your tasks.

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9: Life Quest 2

If you are looking for games similar to Sims, have a look at life quest 2. This game is very similar and has the same gameplay as the Sims. Like in every life simulating game life quest 2 starts with customizing your character that is fresh to the town. The player will face things in real-life like career options, pets, romance, and much more.

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10: Second Life

This game is a free browser-based life simulating game. It is available online since 2003 for pc and Mac users. All Games like Sims are based on life factors like money, Friends, house, family, fashion, and much more.

Second life is much similar to these. It the game is for teenager and above. The game connects the members to other users as they explore in the game world.


In the list of Sims alternatives games, I have mentioned the ten top games which provide the same experience as Sims. You can find many other games like Sims on the internet.

If you know some games, we’ll love to hear from you, if you have ever played this game you can share your experience with us under the comments section below. Please share with it, friends. Have a nice day!!