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Games like Stronghold: Top 10 Alternatives

Games like Stronghold

Games like Stronghold

Games like stronghold: Stronghold is my favorite game. I used to play this game when I was just ten years old. I like this game because of its wonderful playing strategy. You can also play this game online with other players.

You just need to install game-ranger software. I like most of the characters in this game. It is based on the Ancient fighting style. My favorite character in this game was the lionheart. Stronghold is a strategy game that focuses on expanding through Warfare.

It is very easy to play the game. All you need is just to build a massive army. But first, you have to collect resources like wood, iron, stone, food, and oil. It’s really fun to play this game. Raising a strong army to fight your opponents and capturing their lands.

Stronghold Crusader extreme and stronghold kingdoms are the Core Series of this game. But shifts the focus of the gameplay is slight. In this article, I have listed the top 10 games like stronghold for you.

These are all strategy games. If you are in the search of games like stronghold, I recommend you to check the games. These are the best alternative to stronghold.

Here are the top 10 games like stronghold

1: command and conquer generals

In the List of games like stronghold, command and Conquer Generals is in the first position. This game is exactly like stronghold, but it is based on a contemporary fighting style. Playing this game is really like fighting with another country, which has its own army, tank, nuclear weapons and jet fighters.

First, you have to collect resources in order to build your army, Tanks, jet fighter, an anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and nuclear weapon. Command & Conquer general is a real-time strategy game. Players are given a chance of three fiction to play.

You can select your countries like United States, China, and GLA. In the game, the player must construct a base, acquire resources, build various combat and support units, and defeat the opponents to win. You can play this game has a single-player and multi-player on the internet.

Key features:

  • Play as Challenge mode
  • Unique armies
  • New technologies
  • New unite
  • visual enhancement
  • Weather effects
  • Combat school
  • Online community status
  • Play against other players

2: Rise of nations

It is considered as one of the most popular and successful real-time strategy game. There are many games like stronghold rise of the nation that are the best. This game was launched by big huge games with an expansion pack (Rise of Nations (Thrones and Patriots)).

In this game, the player uses a territory system that Limits players to construct in the area near their base. As your population increases, you’ll need more area to build in. This game strongly focuses on capturing and holding Cities.

In the game, you have to protect your cities from the enemies and as well as attack their cities. As you get experience in fighting and upgrading the building. More features are unlocked. When you unlock the next level things get improved and work fast.

In the game, you have to take your civilization to the highest level. It’s like taking any nation from Stone Age to the most advanced age like we are living now.

Key features:

  • Highly rated real-time strategy experience.
  • Plenty of strategic depth to explore.
  • More of different units to utilize.
  • Play as 18 non-identical civilizations (24 with the expansion) and guide them through 8 stages in history.
  • An exceptional single-player and multiplayer experience.

3: Stronghold Kingdoms

It is one of many games like stronghold. This game is based on how the ancient kings were ruling the kingdom. In the game, you are the king your objective is to build a strong Kingdom that rules over all the other. Like in other games you have to collect resources.

You have to put attention to your kingdom’s economic policies like Texas, productivity, population, number of armies, and defense strategies. In the game, the king is the main character, which must be protected at any cost.

If the King dies, you lose the game. A stronghold kingdom is the MMO Style game. You can join other players to make allies or enemies. This game can be also played by a single player. You can also chat with your allies for help.

4: Age of Mythology

This game was released in 2002 and became popular within a short time. It is similar to the stronghold. It is a real-time strategy game. In this game, you have to build a small town and collect resources. When you have plenty of resources you will be able to build Army building and a rock paper scissors combat model.

AS you get the experience you can unlock more advanced features add new units. The game you have to go through many stages. This game has four different types of stages like Archaic, Classical, Heroic and the Mythic Age.

Each stage unlocks new features and units, which provides you more power and strength. You can collect resources like food, wood, iron, stone, and gold. Which will help you to build the building and Army units? The more you have resources the more you can make the army. It is really fun to play this game, collecting resources, building an army, fighting enemies.

5 age of Empire II

It is another game like stronghold. Age of Empires is a part of the age of Empire series. In this game, you learn about the middle age with more than 10 playable civilizations of that era that each has their own unique way of living and strength. It is an RTS style game.

You’re dropped on the map somewhere, where you must collect resources, expand and develop strong Army before your enemy does the same. You have to advance your age to unlock new features and units. Advancing your age provides (stronger units, better upgrades, more useful buildings, etc.). You may lose the game without having defense strategies.

6: The Settlers Online

The settlers online is another great game like stronghold. The game provides you full control to build your own City and defend them against the attacks of enemies. You can also fight your enemies and control their cities and resources.

The best thing about the settler online is you can play this game with other players, it is MMO Style game. You can play it as an ally or an enemy. You can also guide your ally’s forces to have a joint attack on the enemy.

If you’re short of any material, need financial help, defense help in the game. You can call your allies for help. You can also switch your soldiers to an aggressive mood. By doing this your soldiers will fight every enemy without the need for your interference.

Also provide you with amazingly engaging gameplay, best ever realistic graphic detail, new technologies to fight against your opponent. This game is one of the best alternatives to stronghold and will surely not let you down.

7: Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

It is a great addition to the game series Star Wars. This game was built on the theme of Age of Empires. That’s why the gameplay is quite similar to it and it feels like you are playing the Age of Empire itself. In the game, you will be having control over all fiction like Rebel Empire, Gungans, Wookies, and Nabbos.

In the game, your first objective will be to collect a large number of resources from the surrounding, to build different structures in your settlement like Homes, barracks, refineries, mines, etc. By reaching the highest level you can unlock some rare resources to become more strong and powerful.

You can guide and train your soldiers to attack enemies from air, sea, and land on all other plants. It is the best game like stronghold and will surely fill you up with enough excitement to like it.

8: The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II

Set in the universe of LOTR, The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II is a great MMORTS video game accessible to play on PC and Xbox gaming platforms. The first, the game lets you select on which side you want to be.

You can either be a part of evil or are you can become an ally of good. This game resembles the RTS games in the LOTR series. First, you have to build your base and different structures like Defense, production house farms, homes, Barracks, etc.

You have to select one out of 6 fictions to enjoy the gameplay in various variations. The Battle for Middle Earth II is a great game like Stronghold and provides a similar game-play and other characteristics. Do try it out.

9: Stormfall: Age of War

One can never ignore the popularity of Storm fall: Age of War. The game lets you have the opportunity of attacking and controlling the large empire of Dark-shrine there once was a productive part of the kingdom. The game let to play as king.

All the people and soldiers are your hands so you must guide them to work and return gloriously. When you are successfully conquering the area. You can build more advanced design structures and spend the gather resources to power up your defense.

You can engage your troops into wild combats, and use the most contemporary Technologies with a strategy to defeat your enemies. It is a really interesting game with a unique storyline. The game is enriched with highly advanced features and graphics.

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10: Dark Age Wars

In the List of games like stronghold Dark Age Wars in the last. The game-play is similar to the stronghold. You have to build your base, and other different structures like home, production house, farms, mines, and lumber mills.

On the right side, a small mini-map appears which shows your position and enemy position. The game-play is easy you have to collect resources and spend it on your defense, soldier, weapons, and buildings. The game you also possess a market red you can buy any of the material you need.

The more food supply you have the more you can train your army. By upgrading your buildings, you can unlock new features. Which speeds up the work, you can win the game by eliminating your opponent.


In the list of games like stronghold I mention all the top games similar to it. You can find many other games like stronghold on the internet. If you know some games, we will love to hear from you, if you have ever played this game you can share your experience with us under the comments section below. Please share with it, friends. Have a nice day!