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10 Best Tips to get Grandmaster in Overwatch 2

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When Overwatch 2 came out, it was better than the first game in terms of how it was played. In the first game, it seemed like all of the characters relied heavily on their abilities and the abilities that countered them. In Overwatch 2, it seems like the characters’ abilities are there to help players, but they don’t make or break the game.

Instead, the game puts more emphasis on how skilled the players are and how each character has soft counters to characters that completely wipe out other heroes. This list is for people who are new to the series, haven’t played in a while, or are just getting started with Overwatch 2.

1. Understand all roles and how are they played

In Overwatch 2, players need to know what each role does. If a player doesn’t know how his or her own team is made up or how the other team is made up, it can lead to wipes that could have been avoided.

Here is a short description of each role:

Tank: Tanks should keep a strong line of defense in front of them. They have a lot of health, and players can use that to their advantage to make room for their own team on the battlefield.

Damage Per Second (DPS): DPS weapons do a lot of damage and are some of the best for sneaking up on enemies and picking them off.

Support is exactly what it sounds like. They help the team, which they do by either healing the team or giving the team buffs like a speed boost that they can use to get the upper hand.

2. Don’t play ranked until you learn heroes and know how to play them

Players who are just starting out need to know that there are 35 heroes and that they need to learn everything there is to know about them if they want to play/climb ranked one day. Some people might think it’s a chore, but video games are fun, so players should try to get to know all the heroes.

By taking the extra time to do this, players will be able to learn about the range of basic attacks and the strengths and weaknesses of each character when it comes to moving around or staying alive.

3. Learn what every ability and ultimate does

In the same way that players should take time to learn about their heroes, they should also try to learn what each ability in the game does. Some abilities are similar to each other, but most of the time, the way players have to deal with them is what makes them unique.

Players won’t feel like they died because they didn’t know how to use their abilities or how to stop them from working if they know how to use them and how to stop them from working. All players will be better prepared if they know all of the hero ultimates, which are the most powerful and scary attacks.

4. Swap heroes during games when necessary

In Overwatch 2, it makes a lot more sense to switch heroes. When players switch heroes in Overwatch 2, they won’t lose any progress they have made on their ultimate. Instead, the game will give them 30% back on the cooldown of the new hero’s ultimate. This makes swapping much more likely.

No longer do heroes have hard counters. Even though this is true, if a player sees that a certain hero is completely beating them and they know that another hero can counter that hero, then they should switch heroes.

5. You need to have at least specialize two or three heroes

Once they know all of the heroes, players will want to do this. Players will need to understand that a “jack of all trades, master of none” is a person who plays a lot of different classes but is good at none of them.

This doesn’t mean that players have to stick to one character as their main, but they do need to know how to play at least two or three characters from the same class who can fight different enemies.

6. Good positioning in ranked games

Please get it through your heads that where the player stands matters. Not because of some political issue, but because of where the player’s hero stands in the game. Some heroes, like Genji, have to be on the move all the time. Others, like Reinhardt, have more health and can protect themselves with shields. Players need to know where they should be based on their hero.

Remember that tanks should be in the front line 90% of the time unless there’s a wild flank. DPS characters can flank if the chance arises, but they need to know that they should always be moving. Supports should try to stay as safe as possible, since not having healed usually means losing the game.

7. Team fights

Team fights are the most important part of this game. There will be a lot of team fights, but players shouldn’t try to wipe out the other team unless the chance is right. But when they do work, they can be very helpful. It wastes a lot of time, giving the other team a chance to take an objective or get a big push.

Players should try to play safely until there is a chance to wipe out the team and they know it.

8. Use better strategies

At first, it can be hard to figure out how to beat the other team. Good news if this is you! This list can help you figure out the best ways to start.

Diving is when a character jumps in, hoping to get a pick and have their team follow them in to wipe. This is great for characters like Winston, who have ultimates that make them stronger, or for heroes who have been boosted by Ana’s ultimate, which makes the boosted player very strong.

Steamrolling is when a team uses a supporting character or any character with a strong defense boost or healing ability to give their team more power and try to push in by force. With his ultimate, Zenyatta is great for this because he heals a lot. Junker Queen is also great for this because one of her abilities gives her teammates an extra 100 HP.

Playing for Picks: When a DPS on a team kills someone, it creates an unfair fight that the rest of the team can then rush into and win. Most of the time, this is best done with DPS characters that do a lot of damage, like Widowmaker, or characters that can easily flank, like Genji.

9. Use boosting services to get better at the game

There are really good solo and duo options with boosting services. You can watch a Top 100 carrying game and learn from it, or you can play alongside a Top 100 player while the booster teaches you how to play and when to use your abilities.

Boosting services are a good choice if you want to get better at overwatch 2 and fix your mistakes. At owboost.com, you can learn more about the different boosting services.

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10. Communicate a lot with your team and use pings

As much as every player has probably read in a guide or tips and tricks article about a multiplayer online game, talk to other players. This can’t be said enough, because most of the time if you don’t know how to talk, you will die. Yes, it can be a little weird, but think of it as practice for being a leader.

If players can tell where enemies are and what they’re going to do, there will be fewer deaths and more people who can work together. Be Elmer’s glue that holds your team together, or it will fall apart like a Popsicle stick house.

You can also chat and find useful tips on overwatch 2 Reddit, where all players can chat about the game and discuss it.