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Reasons why a Golf Vacation is Becoming so Popular in 2024

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When we think of an active vacation, cycling, swimming, and even adrenaline sports are imposed on us, but rarely does anyone remember golf. We bring you everything about an active holiday with golf.

If you like to spend your vacation in sports activities, in addition to resting and visiting monuments, why not consider golf? The holiday is meant to be fun and create new memories anyway, so even if you don’t bring a single ball to the hole, you’ll at least have a good laugh, right?

Golf is one of the biggest and most specific pastimes, and it can also lead to a fantastic career. If you love this sport, be prepared for it to create a kind of addiction. It is so popular that every golfer knows very well that feeling of anticipation/when he will go on the field to play a game with his friends.

Although far from a simple and easy game, golf brings together people of different profiles, and all with the same goal, the anticipation of that perfect blow (which is remembered for the rest of your life).

Golf is not just a game, it is more than that – golf is a way of life. Golf can certainly give you something you’ve never felt before.

Have you ever considered a vacation by the golf course? If not, it’s time to think. Golf is one of the sports that is relaxing and does not require much physical effort. Anyone can play golf. The enjoyment of the game does not depend on your age, gender, or your lifestyle. Golf is one of the oldest sports. It originated in Scotland, where shepherds pushed “balls” into rabbit holes with their sticks on spacious pastures. It works simply, and it’s just contagious when you go.

People are increasingly choosing golf as a holiday vacation. Why is it like that? Well, there are several reasons.

Spend a day in nature

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Golf courses are usually located in the most beautiful places, trees, meadows, lakes, silences, birds chirping. In addition to relaxing mentally and indulging in enjoyment, you will also have a physical activity that will not make you tired or sweaty as if you were playing basketball or football.

Golf reduces stress

Endorphins are released during golf. It is a natural, powerful hormone that improves mood. Golf helps you relax and reduce tension, which greatly affects your complete knowledge.

It improves eyesight

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To hit such a small ball, follow its gaze as it flies and find it on a field of 100 acres, you need to strain the eye muscles which remain in shape due to that strain.

It stimulates the heart

Like all other physical activities, golf stimulates the heart. If you exercise for only 30 minutes, you will lower your blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, lose weight, and reduce your risk of heart disease. But his blessings do not stop there. If 70 muscles are needed for one movement, it is easy to conclude how many muscles and joints are involved in that sport. One game of golf allows you to burn between 750 and 1125 calories, while one hour of cycling eliminates 400 to 600 calories.

Golf is not just for the upper class

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The fact that golf can be practiced by people of medium pay, will surely surprise you because you are bombarded with information that only the rich have that privilege. You will also be surprised to learn that recreational sports are nothing more expensive than any other recreational sport.

Do what you love

You are on vacation, you want to enjoy, but not neglect your health and physical activity. Still, going to the gym or football is something that takes a lot of your energy, especially on hot summer days. The advantage of this type of vacation is that you combine the comfortable with the useful. While enjoying the scenery, play your favorite sport without getting too tired.

There is always room for improvement in the game

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This sport is full of challenges and is completely unpredictable. No golf course looks the same, which means that your curiosity and desire for this sport will probably keep you going when you return from vacation. Many will surely join a golf club. You can learn more about it on thesaticoyclub.com.

When someone mentions golf, the first association most people have is rich But, it is just one of the stereotypes that accompany this for the health and psyche of man a distinctly favorable sport. They call it an elite sport, but golfers say; it is as elite as any other

Golf can be played by people of all ages and both sexes. It is the only sport where the rules are such that you can play equally with everyone regardless of the quality of the game and the level of knowledge. A little weird but it is. The most important thing is to enjoy but to know the rules so that those around you can enjoy it as well. This is called respect for the game and the player. A golf game is both a physical and mental exercise for the whole organism. In one game of golf, you walk approximately 10 to 15 km without “great” effort. Such invigoration and connection with nature, spending a few hours in the beautiful ambiance of each playground, is normal to favorably affect the human spirit.

How much physical repair does golf require?

The goal of the game is to usually put the ball into the hole in 18 fields with as few shots as possible. Playgrounds can be flat or hilly in the configuration. Although energy expenditure per hour is lower compared to aerobics or running, playing golf lasts longer and more calories are expended at the end of the activity.

Golf is an ideal activity for people with chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure disease, or diabetes because it is an activity of low intensity and longer duration. Research has shown that exposure to green areas relaxes the body, reduces stress, and helps alleviate anxiety. Furthermore, sun exposure allows the body to synthesize vitamin D in the skin which plays a role in bone metabolism, and according to some research reduces the risk of depression, heart disease, and certain cancers.

In children and young people, playing golf also affects the development of respect for oneself, others, and the environment, the development of the ability to maintain a positive attitude towards oneself regardless of the result in a given activity, setting personal goals, developing the ability to manage time for a task and, most importantly, it can help build a better attitude towards failure and overcoming life’s challenges.