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Hardest League of Legends Champions for Each Role

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Whether you’re interested in testing your skills to show off to your friends, or you want to steer clear of any champions that may take too much time to master, knowing the hardest champions in each role will undoubtedly help you increase your awareness and knowledge about League of Legends.

Today, we’re going to go through each role and select some of the most mechanically difficult champions, and discuss the reasons why each of these champions is considered so hard to play. Keep in mind that each person’s learning curve is different, so you may actually find some of these easier than most (what a flex!) if you choose to play some of these champions. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out you’re a prodigy at something most can’t even figure out!


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Jayce is infamously known for being a considerably difficult champion to master, primarily because his ultimate, Transform, is unique from most champions. It not only switches him between being a ranged and melee champion but also completely switches his abilities, meaning he actually has double the potential. Making proper use of this potential makes great Jayce players dominate games, but it also opens up a lot of room for error.


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Lee Sin

Back in the good ‘old days, many players had massive respect for people that chose to main Lee Sin, mainly because of his potential to completely outplay the entire enemy team with ward-hopping. So much so that even today many players still call his signature combo (buffering his ultimate Dragon’s Rage with the summoner spell Flash) “insec-ing,” named after the player that essentially invented this combo.

Today, it’s now considered fundamental for Lee Sin players to know how to perform this with perfect execution, so you can bet on playing quite a few games of him before even having a rudimentary understanding of his potential.


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Similar to Jayce, Nidalee has an ultimate that turns her into a cougar, making her melee and completely switching her abilities for new ones. In this sense, Nidalee also has a lot of mechanical potential for those that are extremely comfortable with playing her, but to compensate for this potential, most of her setup is very unforgiving.

You’ll need to put a lot of games on Nidalee if you plan to achieve the desired level of comfort required to succeed. And to make matters worse (or better, depending on how you view it), Nidalee’s ratios and items favor a very early game snowball playstyle, meaning that you have a time limit for you to abuse her before other champions outscale and can easily handle your damage or mobility.


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Syndra is a champion that may be simple enough to get a basic understanding of her abilities and how they interact, however many people overlook just how high her skill ceiling is. Especially in solo-queue, the odds are typically always stacked against her, meaning that your ability to properly manage your Dark Spheres and not waste important abilities (like Scatter the Weak and Force of Will) is imperative to being able to actually succeed with her.


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Caitlyn, much like Syndra, is another champion with a relatively simple kit that doesn’t take too long to understand on a basic level but has a deceptively high potential to outplay if you learn how to play her perfectly. You can most likely learn how she works in just a few games, but her headshot mechanic (passive), in combination with her Yordle Snap Trap, opens up your potential to completely outplay multiple enemy champions at the same time.

For intermediate players, Caitlyn’s traps only serve to zone off enemies or follow up on champions that are already locked down by your allies. Masters at Caitlyn, on the other hand, can use them mid-combat to predict enemy champion movements with a precision that is unmatched by any other champion in the game.


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Bard’s kit is also simple, but there are some key aspects to it that contribute to why we’ve placed him on this list. Riot released Bard with the intentions of him being uniquely roaming support, and while the meta has shifted to include more than just him, his abilities still support this playstyle better than any other champion in the game. Knowing when and where to be on the map is a hallmark of a good Bard player, and figuring that out can be a complicated process of trial and error.

On top of that, Bard’s ultimate Tempered Fate has the potential to completely destroy the enemy team if you can catch them off-guard, but it carries the potential to sabotage your own team, since it also puts allies in stasis.

Keep in mind that this list only covers one (or two) champions, and there are a lot of different metrics to determine whether or not a champion is “difficult.” Furthermore, some of these champions (along with others) get considerably more difficult to succeed with as you climb into high MMRs, meaning that you could potentially win more consistently without as much experience relative to a high ELO player.

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