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Step by Step Guide on How to Be an Expert in Cribbage

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Do you think winning Cribbage is based on luck, or is it based on skills? The game can indeed be won with a sound strategy. But beating a player that has a good run of luck is not easy. You must never bet the farm Cribbage game.

With proper guidance, anyone can learn the scoring and playing instructions of the game within a few minutes. Even better- a player can even advance cribbage strategies for the opponent crib for future games.

If you are new to the world of this game and would like to play advanced Cribbage like a pro, you have come to the right place. We have listed some step-by-step tips that you can follow.

Using these five advanced Cribbage strategies can become a pro Cribbage player.

5 Advanced Cribbage Tactics

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An organization called American Cribbage Congress works dedicatedly to make Cribbage a fair and more entertaining game. It’s a non-profitable organization dedicated to the well-being of the Cribbage players of all ages.

Scroll down to check out the advanced Cribbage strategy.

1. Deal First

While playing the game, most players skip this strategy and don’t deal first. It’s estimated that a player will likely win almost six out of ten games where they deal first.

In the traditional Cribbage game, players have the custom of cutting low cards where Ace is the lowest. But in some regions, Ace is the highest card to see who deals first. Either way.

Before cutting for the first deal, it’s advised to explain whether you are cutting for the high or low. The beauty of dealing first in the Cribbage game is that you get an advantage even before the game starts.

Later in the game, this advantage comes in handy and becomes of greater importance. Also, you should avoid passing or missing a deal if you want to win the game.

2. Correctly Count Your Hand

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Did you know that your points are gone if you miscount any point while pegging? This Cribbage strategy advanced requires you to educate yourself, so you properly count each of your hands and avoid missing points.

If you are, however, playing Cribbage online, you do not have to worry about counting points because the computer does that for you. But overall, correctly cunting hands and pegging is an integral part of playing Cribbage.

In some regions, players are allowed to steal away their opponent’s points if they have overlooked the points. For instance, if one of the players declares five points and forgets to take a point. Here, opponents can steal the undeclared point.

So you see, the counting aspect in the Cribbage game is very important as it can increase your chances of winning the game.

3. Through Five Card in the Crib

Another Cribbage advanced strategy is throwing 5 cards into the crib to earn extra points. This hand makes sure that no hand containing 5 will score less than 2 points.

So, if there is a situation where you have 5 in your hand, and you are not sure about it, you can throw them in the crib. But you would need a solid scoring hand to justify the act.

4. Stay Alert When Opponent Leads You

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Remember that when an opponent tries to lead you, they are trying to set up a run of three cards. It especially happens when the opponent leads an 8 or 7 in the hope that you will play 15. They do this so you can allow them to bring 6 or 9 for the run.

It’s generally advised to take away the opponent’s striking power by playing around a couple of points. Cribbage advanced strategy.

5. Play Conservative

If you do not want to lose the Cribbage game, you must play it in a conservative style. When you do not gamble and expect a higher outcome, your chances of losing the game decrease.

It’s common for Cribbage players to want to hope for more for a very specific turn of cards. But playing through a conservative style gives more control of the board. It leaves you open to less damaging situations to win the game of Cribbage.

Why Play Cribbage Online?

If you want to play Cribbage, it’s advised to play online as it eliminates the hassle of purchasing a traditional Cribbage board. Also, when you play online, you do not have to worry about keeping track of your score. The computer does that for you.

You need to simply focus on the game and let the computer handle your scores. As a result, your opponents won’t be able to steal away your points.


Cribbage is an interesting game with simple rules and concepts. You can experience the ultimate fun of this game by playing it on the website Cribbage online game.