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8 Ways to Improve Software Quality

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Controlling the software quality during the development phase is one of the things every company should consider doing, because in many cases it’s easier to spot some mistake earlier and fix it, instead of doing it all over again when the product is almost completed. This will help you deliver an exceptional project, without taking a lot of time to resolve the issues.

Poor software quality may lead to losing the clients, and delivering bad results, which can also end up with firing you and your team, or working for less money than the effort and labor is worth. One of the most useful tips is to test the product in different phases and shorter periods. It’s easier to locate and fix the issue if you do it like that, instead to check the completed product and find plenty of mistakes, that will make you rewrite the whole project.

Software development comes with a lot of challenges, and GitGuardian will help you learn more about them, and realize how important is to test the product during the development phase. And also, we are here to help you with some useful tips on how to improve the software quality, so you can deliver great results. And we will start with the one we already mentioned:

1. Test often

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Test early and test often should be your everyday prayer while working on software development. The earlier you start, the easier is to spot the potential issues and fix them on time. Once you make a mistake, you are building the rest of the product over it, and you will end up losing plenty of time on something that won’t even work properly.

That’s why you need to split the whole project into stages and test all of them as the things are going further. You will be able to fix all the mistakes and build your project on a stable base. Try to incorporate the testing discipline within your coworkers. You can automate this process too if needed. Just a brief example: If the first error costs $5, but you miss to spot it, the whole project may cost you up to $100,000, just because you missed it.

2. Talk about the importance of quality assurance

All the people who work together with you must realize how important is quality assurance through the whole development process. No one expects them not to make mistakes. The real art of knowing what you are doing is to spot that mistake on time, without letting it cause huge damage.

Software development can be compared to layering things one over another. You can’t proceed to the next step until you are sure that the previous ones are properly done and stable enough to hold the whole project.

3. Optimize the code

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The fewer rows you are using, the smaller are chances to make some huge mistake. One of the most anticipated skills for developers is to know how to use less code while writing the software. In some cases, it can’t be shortened, so the code can be easy-readable and you can also easily see the potential mistakes and issues. Also, the compiler will easily go through the code and find the issues too.

4. Know what you have to do

If you are not sure, it’s better to ask your boss or client what do you need to do in some critical moment. Never assume by yourself, and never fix the issues without asking. Just imagine how bad is to assume something wrong, and proceed to do something completely inaccurate. Always make sure you know the requirements and demands, and you won’t make serious mistakes in the first place.

5. Run a journal and write down what have you done

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You will rarely see developers with pen and piece of paper around them, but it’s better to always write a journal on what have you done, so you can easily see where do you need to get back and spot the issue. Don’t forget to mark the process with the date and time, so you can match the search with the data you have. It will also help you think better, and improve your overall performance too.

6. Encourage the team to come up with creative solutions

It’s equally important as testing and fixing the mistakes. Even though there is a proven way on how to do things, developers can even get more creative while programming, so they can optimize the code and make the software work smoothly. As more creative you and your time are, the lesser mistakes you will make, and it will be easier for you to complete the project before the deadline, meeting all the standards and clients’ requirements.

7. Use all the productivity and management tools you think you need

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Using the right tools is one of the conditions to create a successful, but still a sustainable business. You need to track down the quality of the work, but also motivate the coworkers to get the most of it and encourage them to be efficient, but also to take breaks and refresh their mind, so they can easily resolve the issues. Sometimes, you need more than a strategy to successfully implement that approach. Using management software and test tools will help you perform better.

8. Don’t miss the regular training

We are sure you are choosing your team smartly, and you take the best people with you. But software development is growing every day, and you all have new things to learn. That’s why you should accept all the offers for training and knowledge improvement. Who knows, maybe new tools to spot and fix the mistakes are already invented, and you don’t know anything about that.

Keeping your team around you, motivated and comfortable, will help you perform exceptionally through the whole working process. Just make sure you have a plan to regularly test the product. It’s all easier to know what you did wrong and how to fix that right on time before it’s late.