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Top 10 Keepass Alternative Password Managers

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Keepass AlternativeTop 10 Keepass Alternative Password Managers: KeePass is no doubt one of the most widely used password managers. It keeps all your passwords at one database, which is then protected with one master password, keeping you away from remembering the password to every website you sign up for. In fact, you may be using this tool for managing your passwords.

If the answer to the question is yes! Then you might have come across the problem that the KeePass database is stored locally, which makes it difficult to be used on multiple devices. Some suggest one should keep the database in Dropbox, or Google drive to be used on multiple devices.

But again it requires more work from the user. Apps, Extensions, plugins, and tools are made to keep things simpler, faster and better! not make then more difficult.

For those of you, who are in search of KeePass alternatives you have definitely come to the perfect place, here we have collected some great KeePass like password managers that will make your life easy.

Having some cool features such as usage across multiple platforms and devices, availability of databases both online and offline. Syncing your passwords and managing them to more powerful passwords detecting if compromised, securing your data and passwords.

Top 10 KeePass alternatives for managing your passwords.

1: LastPass

The first password manager in the list is the LastPass password manager, which is a great KeePass alternative providing way more features to keep all your passwords for each and every website and forum in one place.

The best and cool feature LastPass is rewarded the first position, and for which people really like it is easy to use on multiple devices across different platforms. All the passwords are stored online keep you ways from all sorts of complexity and hard work.

LastPass not only does remember all your password but can also change passwords for you if your password is hacked or compromised. It also has a feature to select strong and more difficult passwords.
It comes with two-factor authentication for your password vault.

It also has features for monitoring credit, saving data files, the ability of autofill, notification if a site is hacked with you having account their and many more features that make it best KeePass alternative.
LastPass has not only extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera but is also supported on supports Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Overall these features the good news is LastPass is free to download for some of its cool features and for using mobile apps, you can always upgrade to LastPass Premium, which costs only $12/yr.

When you look at the thread for the nomination of LastPass you would be amazed to know, that most of the users are happy with its performance, many say they now need not remember or write down passwords, everything is now managed automatically with a manager.


A Secure Life rated Dashlane second so are we listing it on the second position. DashLane is obviously one of the most popular and highly used KeePass alternative when it comes to password management. DashLane since its launch back in the year 2009 is rapidly progressing, liked and recommended for its smooth and easy to use interface.

Some of the features include automatic filling form, you can set up contacts for the emergency, auto-login, one-click feature to change passwords you desire, you have options for password strength. What happens if you don’t remember your passwords, well DashLane has the ability to share your passwords with emergency contacts.

When a website you been registered gets hacked, it will automatically change your password for that, since it has built-in password changer. Having two-factor authentication makes it more reliable. It can also be used locally with you having the master key, that can be used on multiple devices.

Some of the downsides are it is relatively expensive, but for some of the people, its premium version is more useful having the feature to be used across multiple devices, browser plugin, and mobile app. Its price is $40/year.

Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS are supported platforms. DashLane has its extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. DashLane is available for free.


1Password is another KeePass like password manger, providing you with a facility to manage passwords using login, sign up forms while surfing across the web. It has a well designed and sharp interface to let users to easily understand. some of the key features are:

  • Simpler and easy to use in all browsers.
  • Strong password generator, for changing passwords
  • keep records of banks, account, private information, passwords using the notes feature
  • capability to be used both locally, and online.
  • can share passwords to emergency contacts
  • supports all browsers.
  • Download for free
  • buy single license for $50 one time fee.
  • buy both for MAC and PC for $70

you can also check out its nomination thread here.


It is one of the most used password managers since 1999, having a great number of users. It is equally famous for both as autofill form and password manager. Having a great sharp interface designed with a very keen observation.

The password manager can be used both locally and synced with any device you are using. Another cool feature is you can take the manager in USB drive too. Some of the outstanding features are :

  • Bookmarking feature to keep your favorite website for you!
  • Available on all browsers
  • locally and online features
  • $20/year

5: KeePassDroid

If you want to have a password manager for your mobile phone, KeePassDroid can be your best choice to implement the KeePass password safe Android mobile platform. What is an efficient and reliable android app providing with the facility to have secure data? Check more about the KeePassDroid app on Google play store.

6:True Key

The only thing between you and the internet world, or I would say the digital world is your passwords. True is one of the most amazing password managers. Powered by Intel Security, has some very cool features, such as opening True with your smile face, or fingerprint.

Now you don’t have to remember your passwords, while you are surfing true works on the background to save passwords for you. It is an automatic password manager that saves and auto-fill passwords for you!

Key Features :

  • The app works across all platforms And sinks to all desktop devices including Windows and Mac.
  • Works smoothly with both Android and IOS devices.
  • It automatically syncs with all your devices, laptop, desktop, and mobile.
  • True recognize you with extra factor features, such as your fingerprint, face recognition, etc. There are six ways you can choose for True key to identify your self.
    1. Email,
    2. face,
    3. fingerprint,
    4. 2nd device,
    5. Master password,
    6. the trusted device either your desktop or your mobile phone.

How True Key Encryption helps to secure your data?

AES-256 is an encryption algorithm mostly popular for its strength hardest encryption. True will simply scramble your password with AES_256 making your passwords more secure. Decryption is only possible for you, with the factors you choose.

7: Clipperz

Clipperz is another cool password manager to get rid of password fatigue. It can be used to save your confidential data such as passwords, private notes that you want to save, credit card information and software keys.

You can save your confidential data using Clipperz in the offline mode on your hard disk or USB drive. The offline copy will just a single Html file with read-only mode. You are provided with the ability to create a one-time password used to be used when you are using the public internet, such as in Cafe, etc.

This OTP can be created and used only once. If used again will lead to a login failure. You can create as many OTP as you want. Other Clipperz features include:

  • Password generator
  • Import and export
  • Device PIN


A Best free password manager for mobile devices and desktop computers. Enpass can make your life easy by taking care of all your passwords and confidential data in a nice secure way. Once you install and download the free Enpass password manager you will never forget the password again.

Some of the Enpass key features:

  • One highly Secure place for passwords & Credentials.
  • Get password any time, anywhere
  • Autofill ability with one click
  • Free Keepass alternative
  • Unrestricted Desktop versions
  • available for mobile phone both android & IOS
  • Import option from other password managers.
  • cross-platform.
  • Sync with major clouds