Home Reviews Learn the differences: Epson 2040 vs the 2045 projectors

Learn the differences: Epson 2040 vs the 2045 projectors

When comparing the Epson 2040 projector vs the 2045 model, many similar specifications exist between these two home cinema projectors. Actually, you will see many of the same (equal) specifications.

For instance, both models are 1080p high definition resolution, both provide 2200 lumens of white and color brightness, both run on 3LCD technology and both have contrast ratios of 35,000:1.

Here’s a short “professional video review of these two models:

And if you are wanting to watch 3D movies or gaming in both models also have this capability.

All these similarities are there any differences

The above-mentioned similarities mentioned above:

3LCD technology
Contrast ratio
Epson 2040 vs 2045 home cinema projectors reviewed
They also both look the same

These are the major qualities determining the level of performance of any projector, so if these are all the same you may wonder what differences exist between the Epson 2040 and 2045 projectors.

The first difference, you will want to be aware is the price difference which may (or may not) exist. We say, may or may not because prices do have a tendency to change so we can not guarantee any price here. What we currently see, these two models are very close in price.

However, because of the difference we will mention next we will say the Epson 2045 home cinema projector more than likely be the more expensive model.

The main functional difference, the 2045 provides wireless connectivity while the 2040 projector lacks this function.

Best entry-level 1080p resolution movie projector

Comparing the Epson 2040 vs 2045 home cinema projectors we see many similarities between these two models. For the most part, besides the 2045 having wireless connectivity and the 2040 not having this function pretty much everything else between these two is identical.

If you are looking to buy a budget 1080p high definition resolution projector are these two currently (2017) the top choices?

Although both these models have been on the market for a couples years now we believe they do stand up well to the new entry-level models that have been released.

However, we must say in this category there are a few other models we would recommend looking at before making your final decision and these are: Optoma HD141 and HD142 and the BenQ w1070 models.