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7 Easy DIY Living Room Decor Tips That You Can Try In Your Home

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The living room is the center of attraction of a house. It is the first place where the guests arrive. It’s important to decorate the living room to make it look welcoming and comfortable for the guest. There are several DIY living room decor ideas that you can try in your home.

There are even plenty of websites and applications that help you to design the interiors of your room in a 3D blueprint of your room. You can design your room layout with the help of augmented reality. This gives you the ability to improve the space utilization of the room by rearranging things on your computer screen like furniture, wall colors, and designs, etc.

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Easy DIY room decor ideas and tips for the living room

1. Renovate the entrance of the living room

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You can start decorating the living room by making a few changes to the entrance of the living room. The entrance makes a great first impression. Paint the doors of your living room entrance with warm welcoming colors, and you can even decorate it with a ‘welcome’ sign on the door.

Decorate the sides of the entrance with some bonsai trees or flower plants. Make a dedicated shoe rack to keep the shoe and a place to hang the coats, jackets, umbrellas, etc. Place the mats near the entrance and ensure that it’s cleaned every day. Also, ensure that the entrance of the living room has a keychain holder to keep the keys.

2. Set up a dedicated reading space

Usually, the living room is larger than other rooms, and if your living room has some unused space that looks empty, you can think of utilizing that place to set up a dedicated reading space. By setting up a reading space, you can grab the attention of the readers, and you can impress them with some great novels and autobiographies.

You can easily set up a little reading space but make some wooden shelves on the wall and fill it with your favorite books with a comfortable chair and a small table to keep your coffee mug while you are reading the book.

3. Renovate the empty fireplace

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There are still several old houses with fireplaces in the living room. Nowadays, rarely does anyone use a fireplace to keep their house warm. If you have recently moved into a house with a fireplace and you don’t want to use it, then you can renovate it and design a stylish fireplace to make the living room elegant.

Start with painting the inside walls of the fireplace that are visible from the outside. Ensure the paint matches the walls of your living room. Now, you can decorate it with some fine pottery or showcase some small paintings, artwork designs, etc. You can even arrange pieces of wood to make it look aesthetic.

4. Spruce up the windows of the living room

A neat and sober window can really make a difference in enhancing your living room. You can decorate the windows with plenty of creative ideas. For starters, you can keep plants if you can maintain them regularly or the artificial plants that are imitations of real plants.

You can even keep a fishbowl or a small aquarium if you feel it will be safe there. You can decorate the windows with LED strip lights that look beautiful at night. You can even keep a birdcage in your window if there is some extra space. Also, don’t forget to match the window curtains with the living room theme.

5. Decorate your empty walls

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What can be a better way to decorate the empty walls of the living room with some classic and aesthetic eye-catching paintings. Paintings grab a lot of attention, and matching it with your living room theme can really do the magic.

You can decorate the walls with LED strip lights and make them look creative. There are even exquisite mosaic wall arts available to design the walls of your living room. There are plenty of unique decor tips for living room walls if you have a creative bent of mind.

You can even fill your walls with metal wall art, which is available in various designs and looks great on any kind of wall. Don’t forget hand-made macrame wall hanging, which makes the walls look elegant.

6. Bring some greenery in your living room

If you are running out of ideas to decorate your living room, then plants are a great way to fill the empty walls in your living room. Plants give a relaxing and comfortable vibe to the inside atmosphere. You can fill the corners of the living room with medium-sized plants like dragon trees.

There are small-sized plants that you can place on the tea table between your sofa or couch, and decorate them on shelves alongside photo frames or books. You can even make a designated space for plants instead of a reading space if you are more attracted to nature than reading books.

7. Anchor rugs or carpets under the furniture

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Living room decors look incomplete without anchor rugs and carpets. Anchor rugs have other uses apart from living room decors. For example – it saves the tiles beneath the furniture, keeps your feet warm in winters, makes the room look tidy.

There are several designs available for anchor rugs and carpets. You can buy one that matches the theme of your living room. Ensure that the rug or carpet perfectly covers all the legs of your sofas and chairs and keep the tea table in between to make it look pleasant.

Wrapping up

Decorating your living room can be fun if you are creative enough with your ideas. You can come up with numerous DIY interior decor ideas for the living room if you have the right perspective. These are a few living room decor tips that you can use.