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6 Ways You Can Make Money and Travel the World – 2024 Guide

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You’re not the first one to have the thought of traveling the world. But that can be very hard to finance unless you happened to be very rich. So, that begs the question. What is the best way to make money while traveling the world?

Living the digital nomad lifestyle is a very common occurrence in today’s world. With access to the internet never being more feasible, there are all sorts of work you can do to finance your trips and travels.

To do that, you’ll need to be a pro in an area and have a laptop with access to the internet.

So, to better explain all this, we’re here to tell you about the 6 ways you can make money while traveling the world.

1. Freelancing

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There isn’t a better way to achieve what you want than to freelance. That’s because freelancing doesn’t ask of you to be physically present somewhere or explicitly work in a certain time frame.

Freelancing is slowly but surely becoming the future of remote work. It is the ultimate digital nomad lifestyle and one that allows you to go out and see the world without being restricted to stay home.

What’s even more interesting is that you can find clients to travel. But it’s always best to find a couple of clients and maintain a healthy relationship that won’t require any rushes or urgent work.

All of this makes it possible for you to go out and see the world whilst being a full-time digital nomad. And the best thing about freelancing is the fact that it scales.

It’s up to you when it comes to how much you’ll work, and the more you do it the better the pay.

2. Language Tuition

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If you plan to see the world one city at a time, then chances are you’ll come across countries where English speakers are few. If this is the case, then do know that you can work as an English teacher. The demand for such work is always high, wherever you go.

And if you happened to be a native speaker, then your chances of making good money just got better. Whilst many of these jobs will require you to stay in the city for a couple of months, you can always register your tuition services to a platform and specifically explain your terms.

3. Sell Things Online

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eCommerce presents itself as yet another great option for making money while traveling the world. Why is that? Well, it’s because eCommerce also doesn’t require you to be present in a physical store.

Instead, your store will be located on the World Wide Web where anyone can visit it and choose to do business with you. When it comes to selling stuff online, a better alternative to meet your traveling needs is to dropship.

Dropshipping is the method of selling directly from the manufacturer. So drop shipping involves selling products, getting paid for it, but never carrying about shipping the item.

In essence, you’ll be selling the manufacturer’s goods and all they have to do is simply ship the product. This eliminates a very logistical issue of having to be present at home to actually ship the items.

Even if you don’t settle for dropshipping, you can always have a family membership the products for you.

We’ll be mentioning other ways how to make money, but we also want to recommend a place where you can read on topical things related to wealth and making money. For that, make sure to visit thewealthyalchemist.com.

4. Work at Hostels

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Hostels will be the places you’ll mostly sleep and reside during your travels. Hostels are cheap and very convenient for those that like to travel and see the world.

If you’d settle for hotels every time you visit a new city, your budget will slowly run dry. Instead, hostels are not only cost-effective but they can also be a source of income.

There are many hostels eager to hire your services. What those services are it’s harder to answer. Maybe they need cleaning services, organizing events, teaching certain classes such as yoga or massage, etc.

But if you do manage to find such accommodation, then do know they might even let you use one of their rooms for free whilst still getting paid.

Working at hostels gives you the option on saving on accommodations and utilizing what’s around you.

5. Sell Photos

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One of the best ways to live the digital nomad lifestyle is to sell photographs. But not just any photographs, you’ll be selling photos of your travels!

There is an urgent need for quality imagery from exotic locations, beaches, foreign cities, sunshine, etc.

As a traveler, you will have plenty of time to take cool photos and sell them online. A great way to finance each trip is to get in touch with a travel blog and sell photos exclusively to them.

This is a popular method of making money while traveling as it encourages you to travel and see new places. Also, every photo you take can be sold for upwards of $100! A few of these bad boys and you’ve paid off your travels.

Onto the next and repeat again!

6. Completing Surveys

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Surveys are an excellent way to make a few bucks on the side, and they’re great for the digital nomad lifestyle. Answering surveys is very easy and doesn’t take much time.

The most you’ll invest in a couple of hours of your time, and that’s rarely the case.

However, not every country you visit will have surveys to complete with the service you’re using. Naturally, this makes completing surveys one of the least reliable ways to finance each trip.


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That was our finished list and we hope that some of these intrigue you and you’ll quickly follow in the footsteps of the digital nomad lifestyle.

Every job has the potential of being the right under the correct circumstances. Ultimately, there is no better way to finance your travels than the 6 ways we just mentioned. However, there is also additional way how people can make things easier. People can use Chad Kimball maps to research the potential competitors in their area. Despite that, they can use the same pieces of infromation to find some good business opportunities. The way how people will use it is up to them.