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How to Make More Runescape Gold – 2024 Guide

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In Runescape3 and Old School Runescape, making gold is one of the main objectives a player sets for themselves. This is because Runescape gold is what allows you to do almost anything in this popular online game to an extent of course. But the majority of activities you can do in the game is heavily dependant on the amount of Runescape gold you have.

For example, in Old School Runescape, when doing the Chambers of Xeric (Raids), if you do not have good, high tier gear, then you will not be able to complete the raid efficiently. Whereas if you were to have a good amount of Runescape gold, you would be able to purchase better gear and equipment to smoothly and efficiently complete the raid and end up doing more per hour.

This will ultimately provide you with a higher profit per hour too, meaning that the more Runescape gold you have available, the higher the potential profit will be too.

Method 1 – Green dragons

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Killing green dragons is one of the most popular combat money making methods in the whole of Old School Runescape. This is purely because of how easy it is and how little requirements there are needed for it.

To slay Green dragons, you will need an anti-fire potion, armor, weapon, anti-dragon shield and if you do not have a high combat level then some food is recommended. If you will be using melee then 65+ Attack, Strength, and Defence is recommended, otherwise barely any damage will be dealt. Green dragons are also weak to range so 65+ range is also possible if you wish to take that route.

Note: when ranging, there are several possible safe spots, which allows you to save inventory space as you do not need food or potions since you will not be hit.

Green dragons will drop Dragon bones and Green dragonhide upon death. After you receive a full inventory, you should teleport to a bank and repeat the process. Once you are satisfied with your amount of loot, simply sell it all at the Grand exchange.

If you are an Iron man, you could still profit as you could use the Crafting skill to turn the Green dragonhide into Green d’hide bodies and cast the High alchemy spell for a good profit. However, as an Iron man, you will be making significantly less as you are not able to sell or alch the Dragon bones.

While doing this method, ensure you do not risk expensive gear and equipment as you will be in the wilderness and people can attack you.

Method 2 – Zulrah

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Zulrah is one of the more slightly difficult bosses that is unique to Old school Runescape. It is commonly referred to as the “money snake” due to the high profits it can provide a player.

The requirements for this boss are the completion of the quest Regicide, which also has many pre-quests required for it. You should also bring an anti-venom potion as the Zulrah boss will spit venom at you throughout the fight.

Although anti-venom potions are not a set requirement and you are still technically able to kill the boss without it, it is highly recommended that you only fight the boss if you can bring the potion as it makes the boss fight a lot easier and smoother.

This will of course set you for faster kills and ultimately, more kills per hour, which gives you a higher profit per hour.

Zulrah has several different “rotations” and you will most likely encounter many deaths before you can consistently slay the Zulrah boss. The key is to remain calm as many players tend to panic and make wrong moves.

Once you can slay Zulrah efficiently and fast, you can expect a very high profit coming in. It also has the chance of dropping a couple of unique items such as the Tanzanite fang or Magic fang, which is worth a few million Runescape gold.

Method 3 – Staking

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Gambling, or “staking” as it is called in the game, is an activity, which is carried out in the Duel Arena. This is where you can place a wager and fight other players in the game, where the winner takes all.

Typically, people do a Whip only fight instead of a full armored fight as this is a 50/50 fight and is also fast-paced. Staking is of course based on your luck. You may end the day hundreds of mills up, or you could lose your entire bank.

There is no “expected outcome” when staking. It should only be done if you are willing to lose what you are risking.

Recently, as a method of adding a gold sink into Runescape, a staking tax was added and the tax percentages increases the more you stake. The reason for this is that it preserves the game’s economy by preventing inflation from occurring in the game.

Method 4 – Buying gold

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When playing Old school Runescape, you may realize that it takes a very long time to make a good amount of money to afford anything you want.

For example, if you wanted to make enough Runescape gold for a Twisted bow which is 1.1 billion. If you were slaying Zulrah to make money, which you can make around 4 million gold per hour from. You are looking at 275 hours of non-stop slaying the Zulrah boss to make enough money for the Twisted bow.

This is why many players are buying cheap Runescape gold from Probemas. This will heavily decrease the time needed to afford the items you want in-game as you can get however much Runescape gold you wish within a few minutes.

More and more players are only realizing that buying cheap RuneScape gold can get them where they want to be faster. With minimal requirement, you can get millions of RuneScape gold within minutes.

If you want to skip the long, unnecessary money-making grind and go straight into the main content of Runescape. You should consider this money-making method.