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The Most Talked About Game on Twitter in 2024

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2020 was a drastic year, and with lockdowns imposed, people were stuck at their homes. Video games became the favorite pastime of people staying indoors.

Soon after, the social media platform Twitter was found to be flooded with over 2 billion tweets on games. You will be quite shocked to know that in 2024, there was a surge of 75% in gaming tweets compared to 2019, and almost 49% of them were from new authors.

In 2024, Twitter witnessed massive traffic from some genuine gaming fans from across the world. Twitter was also used as a platform by players to connect with fellow gamers overseas.

Gaming ranked as the 6th most discussed topic on Twitter. However, gaming was an umbrella topic that encompassed several other sub-topics, such as esports, news of the gaming world, games, PlayStation, animal crossing, etc. Japan stood at the first position in terms of the countries that have tweeted the most about these games.

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One of the Most Popular Tweeted Game

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Owing to the ongoing pandemic, numerous sports events were canceled. As a result, the gaming fans were left disheartened. In such a scenario, the event organizers and publishers thought the best way to combat this situation would be to hold gaming tournaments on digital platforms.

It was in June and July of the year that several digital gaming events were held. Twitter has released several stats related to the gaming world, and it was concluded that the highest tweeted game of the most unpredictable year, 2024, was Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Numerous reports published on the big social platform revealed how players from all over the world used Twitter to talk about their gaming forte. Multiple aspects were revealed by the reports that were published.

The data included the top 10 gaming activities that were tweeted as the top-rated. The top-gaming events are discussed as the most and the ones that were believed to garner the highest level of attention on this website.

No one was surprised to find that Animal Crossing was the top-rated popular game on the social platform, Twitter in 2024. Several other games followed it, including Apex Legends, etc. What surprised people are the other top-rated games, like Twisted Wonderland, etc., in the list.

Animal Crossing was first released in the market in November 2005. Back then, it was moderately popular. Things changed with the introduction of its new version in 2024.

Animal Crossing was available to users in March 2024, and since then, it had successfully sold over 26.04 million copies by September 2024. However, the number kept increasing, and by December 2024, the game received a huge gamer base.

Animal Crossing also received the Game Awards 2024 in the category of ‘Family Games’. It was also nominated in the ‘Game of the Year’ and ‘Multiplayer game’ category.

Why Is Animal Crossing So famous?

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The major reason behind the massive success of Animal Crossing is that the players are always engaged in some of the other tasks. The players need to build a village right from scratch, which is quite exciting.

Moreover, it also provides an opportunity to interact with the other characters present in it. The New Horizons version has added multiple new elements to make the gameplay more interesting.

This new version provides enhanced control and the ability to customize your island to a great extent. It’s more like a simulation game in which the player plays the role of a character who moves to a completely isolated island and builds a village out of nothing.

The game also consists of a villager who is seen operating the services of the household on the deserted island. The players also get a chance to decorate and explore the island. This game’s motive is basically to build an island from scratch in a community of animals in the sense that these animals are the villagers.

Animal Crossing’s gameplay continues in an open-ended manner. The players need to pave their way through the various hurdles, and then only they will be able to open up new levels. The players need to collect as many things as possible to keep moving forward in the game.

These items include art and craft items, furniture pieces, customizations of their character available, bugs to catch fishes, etc. They can also choose to do several different activities like talking to the villagers, gaining bells, having a tour of the other islands, etc.

The number of possibilities offered to the players in the New Horizons version is infinite. It is one of the major reasons behind the game gaining popularity. Moreover, the game’s aesthetics may make people believe that it is developed for both children and adults, and thus it allures a huge audience base.

The best part? People of all age groups are seen playing this game with great interest. The game gained immense popularity ever since its inception, and it seems like the lockdown fueled its popularity further.

The earlier versions of Animal Crossing were also popular. However, the popularity of the new version soared high. The fact that players had full control over the gameplay further increased its popularity.

Some studies also said that people love this game more because, during the pandemic, they cannot live normal lives, and it provided them a portal to the real world.

Final Thoughts

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The nostalgic element behind Animal Crossing plays a significant role in keeping new and old players pinned to it. The game’s concept and its gameplay are quite vital features that have kept the players attracted to it.

It has thus successfully gained immense popularity over social media platforms like Twitter in 2024. It is one of the most tweeted games and a preferable choice for many players across the globe.