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5 Reasons You Should Never Buy Cheap Used Car Parts – 2024 Guide

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Buying used parts is never a good idea, no matter how much money you’re going to save. You never know how safe these are, or what is their current lifespan. Aside from these most common and logical reasons, there are also some other ones that you should know of before you get to spend your money, and before you start to invest in some crucial or even minor parts. Keep on reading and figure out all the pros and cons of buying cheap used car parts!

Top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy cheap used car parts

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1. Do you know what you need?

Do you know what it is that you exactly need? A lot of people often mistaken their car parts for something else, and they can feel overwhelmed when they arrive at a junkyard. Used parts look worn off and they are not returnable, which makes them hard to browse through, invest in, or even set-up.

2. You can sell them or ask for professional help

If you are not that skilled in browsing through or figuring out what it is that you truly need, make sure to ask for help. Usedpart.us can help you navigate, browse through, purchase, or even sell your most wanted or needed car parts with just one click! They will do all the hard work for you, which is great if you’re someone who is in a rush, or if you lack the needed time to do the process on your own.

3. Do you want a returnable policy on your purchased part or no?

Often people are not too sure if they want and need a returnable part. Make sure that your chosen shop accepts returns, and that it is open for new walk-ins. If not, you might have just wasted your time and money. Be smart and think twice when it comes to your chosen location, professionals, or your friends and family. A return policy will always come in handy, that’s for sure.

4. You should always ask questions, never wing it on your own

Do not worry about looking smart and trying to do it on your own. Instead, deal with professional mechanics since otherwise, you might end up spending way more money than you should. In this business, it is never good to be stubborn.

5. How good are you at evaluating things?

Is your chosen item good enough to place in your motor? Some low-cost solutions are good, but not mandatory not recommended.

Which car parts you shouldn’t buy from a junkyard? Top 5 parts

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1. Seatbelts

Belts are inexpensive quite often on their own, and they are super important in every vehicle. Your chosen seatbelt should be of trust + you should get something that will protect your life, literally. Do not be cheap nor savvy when it comes to this aspect, and always make smart purchases.

2. Brake pads are a big no-no

Tires can wear off, but brake pads should always be in function. Never question nor put a risk when it comes to your brake pads, and think about yourself, or your entire family for that matter. You can switch up your stirring wheel but stay away from reused brakes.

3. Hoses

They do look good on the outside and it can seem as if you can purchase any kind right off the bat! However, what is happening underneath the engine is more than important, as well as complicated. How is the liquid spreading around? You should rather invest and purchase new hoses, but you can go cheap and affordable with clamps, for instance. Balance your budget, as well as your needs.

4. Never buy cheap filters

Oil and engine seem like such simple parts, right? Well, you should know that your filters have a higher function and that they need to remove and clean any dirt and debris. If you end up purchasing a cheap part from the junkyard, you are risking it. Filters can range in price, but they are fundamental when it comes to the lifespan of your car, and its engine.

5. Do not purchase parts with corrosion or rust

Last, but not least, you should watch out for rust or corrosion which is quite popular and common with any car items or accessories. Although you can use a steel brush to remove it, it is not recommended nor safe to do. Also, removing corrosion on your own can be so exhausting and time-consuming, so think twice about the time and effort that you’re willing to put in.

What else should you be aware of? How to enjoy each and every purchase?

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1. Choose your supplier carefully

It is important to go to someone you can trust completely. Do not allow yourself to get ripped off, and only go to legitimate places or people.

2. Make sure you are clear with your demands

Often people do not know what are the key parts that are malfunctioning, and what is it that they need to purchase. Work out what it is that you need and that you have to order + you can also compare different prices from different providers.

3. Is it returnable, always ask

Lastly and as previously mentioned, make sure that they have an amazing return policy. You don’t want to overpay for a piece that can’t fit in your car + that is not returnable.

Ready to shop and get the right pieces?

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Which of these rules and guidelines did you know already, and which ones are new for you too? How handy are you when it comes to cars and vehicles in general? Often people do not know where to start, or who to trust. Is this the case with you as well? If so, simply read this article and follow our suggested guidelines and rules in regards to shopping or throwing away your new car parts. Go to a junkyard only when you trust their service, and invest time, love, money & care into your vehicle!