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4 Things to Try If an Online Casino Refuses to Pay Out Your Winnings

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Online casinos are a huge thing in the world, but people are taking it for granted, and they think they don’t have to be as respectful as the land-based ones. There can be so many reasons why a casino refuses to pay out your rewards, and you have to follow their instructions and requirements first, and then check on the other options and reasons why that is happening.

In the first place, the gamblers always have to make sure they are choosing the best casinos available online, like these options or others, depending on the location and license. When someone wins, the casino should check all the available information, the gaming history, and many other details they need to complete the payment. Sometimes, when creating an account, many people skip some information, never thinking that they will win something, like providing an ID or a bank account, or listing a payment method. So, before you start a dispute over your reward, check if the profile is completed.

Sometimes, if you skip the ID requirement for later, they can’t perform an ID check to know to whom they are giving the money. If you don’t have it, they will ask you to provide it, so you can claim the reward. Also, they may have internal issues with completing the payments, so it’s good to be kind and patiently wait until they resolve the issue. But, there are also cases when they don’t release the payment due to many reasons, and here are some ways to resolve it:

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1. Check the background of the casino

Chances are you are dealing with a fraudulent service that earns money by refusing to pay the players. If there is no logical reason behind their behavior, and you know that you haven’t done anything wrong, then you are probably a victim of fraud. You can report it to the authorities, but probably there won’t be a solution, especially if they aren’t registered as an official game provider. Before you play, check the reputation of the service. Go deeper than the reviews on the website, so you can know what you deal with.

You will recognize scam services by their lame explanations and unreasonable demands, and they won’t even try to resolve the issue – they will ask for more money until they drain out your pocket, so be very careful what do you play.

2. Provide all the required documents to prove your ID

They will ask you to provide additional documents if they don’t have proof of your identity. Keep in mind that every service that pays out money must verify their clients, so wrongful transactions can be avoided. As a client, you have to read the terms and policies, and if you agree to them, you need to provide the documents they ask for. Usually, the payout time is about 90 days from the moment you won. Make sure your profile is complete before you start playing. If they still don’t want to cash out the reward, maybe you are missing something, like not meeting the wagering requirement before withdrawal or something like that.

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3. Contact the customer support service and see how it goes

If they have a lot of active players, maybe they have a hard time completing all the transactions at once. Don’t do anything before you contact customer care and see what they can do for you to resolve the issue. Be polite when explaining the problem, so they can collaborate and explain what you need to do next. Make sure you have proof of your winnings, emails, payment methods, chats, and provide all the evidence, so they can clearly understand what’s happening. Ask them to tell you if you violated some rule or you did something wrong.

If it doesn’t result in a solution, and they try to blow you off, you have to contact the gambling commission, so they can investigate the problem and see what went wrong with your request to withdraw your reward. Sometimes, they may file a lawsuit against the casino, if there is proof they don’t have a reason to deny the payment. Don’t forget to provide all the proofs you have, including copies of the email and messages you exchanged with the provider.

4. Ask for a legal advice

There are lawyers and attorneys who understand the problem with scam casinos, and you can go to them, asking for a piece of advice. There are casinos that don’t care to pay the winners, they are full of bugs, and neglect when someone wins. Make sure you save all your details because it can easily happen for them to ban your profile and you will lose every proof you have against them. So, when you first see they try to scam you, save all the details, like screen recordings, with a voiceover if needed, save screenshots and copies of all messages, and even check the profile together with a lawyer and paralegal, so they can witness the problem. After that, get prepared for a legal journey. But, before you do that see if the lost amount of money is worth it, because these lawsuits are pretty expensive, and you will spend more money than you’ve lost. But if the winning is big, then do that…

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The final words

Most of the reliable and licensed casinos are fair, and they will refuse payments if they have a reason for that. Make sure you understand their policies and conditions before you start a dispute. And yes, you need to read them a few times to completely understand them.

We can say that payment refusal happens rarely with legal casinos. If they make a mistake, they will try to apologize by giving something for free to the client, so they can avoid public shaming and giving them a bad reputation.

If a casino refuses to pay, don’t act in anger. Try to see the reasons why that happened, and then proceed with the dispute. Be smart, professional, and calm all the time. That’s the only way to get to know what really happened and resolve it in your favor.