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4 Online Gambling Strategies that Actually Don’t Work – 2024 Guide

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Millions of people nowadays love to gamble, and some of them do it weekly, while others like to place a bet only a few times per year. In the past, we knew only of land-based casinos, and they were the only place we could go to play our favorite games. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, online wagering has become extremely popular. More and more websites appear that allow people to play their games, and to make some money in the process. Just like with land-based games, we are always trying to find a way to trick the system and be victorious every time we put our money into it. It is said that there are some strategies that work, while others don’t.

In this article, we are going to talk about some really popular strategies that gamblers tend to use when they play online games, but it has been proven that they don’t really work. Note that there are some things that will get you banned from the website you’ve chosen, while others won’t do you any harm, but they will not bring you money either. Continue reading if you want to learn a thing or two that can help you improve your profits, and in time, improve your skills as well.

1. Card counting

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Card counting is known to everyone, and it is said that some people have even won a lot of money by doing this. People who are great at mathematics and who understand how different games work, have been known to be successful with it. In the past, this was legal, but in recent decades, if someone gets caught doing it, they risk being thrown out of the land-based casino, and they may even face charges.

When it comes to online games, this is not possible. Some people may be able to do this when they play in land-based places, but online is virtually impossible. The algorithms are different when it comes to internet websites, and you can never be too sure what’s going to happen. So, if you choose to play a game like a blackjack, your odds are going to be better if you learn all the rules, if you practice and if you just become a good player.

2. Slot machines

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Slot machines are something that everyone loves. Here, you don’t need to learn any rules, and you don’t need to pay attention to anything. They are loved by those who just want to take their minds off of things, and who want to have fun looking and interesting colors and bold patterns.

Every person who has ever played the slots believes that they can find a pattern and that if they do something, they will be victorious. The reality is, nothing works with these machines except luck. There are no systems that can help you, there is no pattern you can follow.

Even if you were used to something when you played them in the land-based casinos, when it comes to online games, those rules don’t apply. So, don’t waste your time trying to figure them out, just sit down and enjoy yourself. As you can see on slots-o-rama.com, there are dozens of different games you can play, and they all have different rules. So, spend some time exploring the options you have, see which one you like, and give them a chance.

3. Doubling after losing

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Now let’s talk about a strategy everyone has heard of – if you lose, you need to double the bet, and you will win the next time around. You are playing the odds, and there are 50 percent chances that you are going to win, or lose.

So, this strategy may work, but chances are, nothing is guaranteed. Instead, you may end up losing too many times in a row, and if you double your wager every time, you risk losing a lot of money. In case you notice that you are losing more than two or three times in a row, maybe it is time to change the game, the table, or just take a break.

4. Trying a new game, you’ve never heard about

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We all want to explore new things, and that is amazing. Nowadays there are thousands of different game options, and each of the most popular has hundreds of subcategories and modes you can play them in.

When we test new things out, we believe that luck is on our side, and that, chances are, the computer will let us win to draw us in. Even though there are some chances of this happening, you should never risk too much money just to prove this point. Even though you may win and make profits, you may also lose a lot.

In addition to this, when you don’t know the rules, and when you have no idea what the game is about, you will not be able to keep up with the other players, or the system, and you will end up losing. This strategy is proven not to work, so you should follow the advice of people who’ve already done this, and learn the rules before you wager a lot.

Other things that people have been known to make a mistake with are trying to find a pattern in roulette wheels and ignoring the house edge. When you play in a land-based casino, you may find a pattern in roulette and you may win, but online algorithms are different, and chances are, you won’t be able to make the right choice. When it comes to a house edge, we will give you just one example; European roulette has an advantage of less than 3 percent, whereas the American version of the same game has a house advantage of almost 6 percent. Pay attention to these things before you put your money in.

Always choose a trusted site, read the rules before you play a game, never make more than one account on the same website, and believe in your moves. Good luck!