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Our Top 5 Free Online Multiplayer Car Games

Source: motoringresearch.com

In an age that is dominated by free-to-play online multiplayer games, it can be quite difficult to stand out. The Call of Dutys and the Fortnites of the world pretty much have the market on lockdown, with the occasional contender popping up for a bit.

However, one thing these games all have in common, besides being online games, is that they are all shooters. If you have the skills and the patience to compete in such a competitive environment, then there’s no issue. But what if you don’t like shooters?

Well, there is still hope for the gun violence averse among us. Drifted.com has a number of fantastic car games that also have fully-fledged online multiplayer systems built right in. So whether you want to drive around with your friends and family, or race against strangers around the world, these games will allow you to do it.

5. Maximum Derby Crash Online

Source: apkpure.com

The first of the Car Games you’re about to be spoiled with on this list is Maximum Derby Crash Online. It sets players loose in a number of different cars in a flat, simulation-style open map full of obstacles and stunts. As a derby game, the goal is to destroy the other players while avoiding completely wrecking your own car.

The game boasts impressive graphics, stunning physics, and simple controls. You’ll have a ton of fun crashing into walls and other cars, taking in all of the glorious car-based carnage, and watching all of the cars turn into chunks of burning twisted metal.

4. Unbounded

Source: pcmag.com

For a visual showcase of the immense graphical quality that is available in web games these days, you’re going to want to check out Unbounded. This game has an ultra-slick presentation and smooth gameplay that will keep you entertained for a while.

You can meet up with other players online to explore the large open city map, making mischief and causing trouble everywhere you go. Customize your car from bumper to bumper with a ton of different parts and paint jobs.

3. Motor Wars 2

Source: topspeed.com

Motor Wars 2 takes a different approach to online multiplayer gameplay from the previous games on this list. It drops players into suped-up rides equipped with weapons and tasks them with capturing the opposing team’s flag while protecting their own.

You probably didn’t think you would find a capture the flag game on this list, but that’s what Motor Wars 2 is. And it might just be the best version of that classic game mode, mixing in some vehicular combat for good measure.

2. Paco Stunt Cars

Source: crazygames.com

Paco Stunt Cars gives you control over a set of fully-customizable cars and sets you loose on a large open map with a bunch of other players. Explore the map and challenge the other players to see who can pull off the best stunts.

1. Madalin Stunt Cars 3

Source: topspeed.com

Finally, one of the best multiplayer games on Drifted.com, if not THE best game on Drifted.com, is Madalin Stunt Cars 3. This game pumps out amazing graphics with great performance and allows you to race and stunt through 3 massive maps with your friends and family in a well-implemented online multiplayer feature.

If you enjoyed these games, there are plenty more on Drifted.com. We recommend also checking out the Drifting Games category for even more fun.