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5 Essential Phone Gadgets You Need to Have in Your Car

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We live in peculiar times. There are two things that you can’t imagine life without. Cars and smartphones. Yes, cars have been around for a while now, for more than a hundred years. The phones are a bit different, at least the mobile ones, which have been around for little less than a half-century.

Today, those who don’t own at least one of these accessories are very rare. You usually have one or another and in many cases both. People often fall prey to using their phones while driving. This shouldn’t be the case.

Many accidents all over the world are caused because people answer calls or text while driving. This shouldn’t be done, as human lives matter more than anything. Luckily, smartphone car accessories are a thing. Safety always comes first and some good people have worked on ideas that would make life with cars and phones much safer. If you’re interested we would love to share with you the five essential phone gadgets you need to have in your car.

As we said, it would be wise to equip your car with as much as you can. Being on the phone, or even texting while driving lowers your focus, the concentration levels drop and accidents happen. In some cases, it might just be a bumper bump with minor damage and a little bit of fear experienced.

But, in many other cases, the consequences are fatal. On the other side of the spectrum, we don’t even talk about the negative things. Some of the gadgets we’re going to talk about, and the ones you can find on this website, are there for the sole purpose of making your life more comfortable and practical.  Let’s see what we’re talking about.

1. Fast Car Charger

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The biggest issue with our smartphones is their battery life. With bigger and brighter displays and more apps, we use every day the average battery can’t last 24 hours. It can’t even cover the standard work hours from nine to five. So, we know you can’t be without your phone for long hours, with all the missed phone calls and notifications one would go crazy. It is not imaginable that you’d have to wait to drive home and charge your phone once you’re there.

Now instead you need to equip your car with a fast charger. This will allow you to have your battery recharged while you’re commuting. It’s better to buy one with multiple ports so that even your passengers can charge their phones. These days you have chargers that support both iPhone and Android phones, and you should aim at one of those for practical reasons.

2. A Phone Holder

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As we already mentioned, safety comes first. You won’t have your eyes on the road if your phone is in your hands. Let us repeat ourselves – accidents happen this way. In some instances using your phone when driving is a must. For example when you need to use Google Maps. Navigation matters as you don’t want to get lost, but looking at the phone while holding it in your hand is risky business. Instead, you need a phone holder. This is a simple addition to your car and you should have one. They’re cheap, useful, and above all else a necessity.

A phone holder doesn’t take much space, it’s easy to install, and every car should have one. You can use it while you drive to conduct conversations, and even video calls without a need to take your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road. Consider this one as a must-have accessory for your car.

3. Spare Charging Cables

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There’s one thing we can say that we don’t like about the car accessory market. The production is maximized but sometimes the quality is lacking. The biggest flaw with chargers and different other car accessories is that their cables are subpar. Plugging your device in and out and moving the cables around in the glove department and out makes them prone to damage.

Once they’re damaged you won’t be able to recharge your phone. This is a massive issue when you need life for your battery. So, instead of stopping on the way and buying a new charger or a new set of cables, always carry a spare one with you. The chances are you probably won’t need them all that often. But once the need arises, you’ll be glad you listened to your advice.

4. A Selfie Stick

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Yes, we know what you think – a selfie stick is no longer popular. But, that’s not true. It has become an item everyone has. What you need to do is to have one in your car at all times. Why? Well, you never know where there will be a good time for taking a photo.

Road trips are amazing and with photos, you can make great memories. The best part is that the driver needs only to drive. A person from the back seat can take the stick and take photos. As you can see it is a great addition and a gadget one car needs to have. The best part is that it doesn’t take up too much space. As you can see, there’s no reason why not to have one with you at all times.

5. Cobra iRadar Detector

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We’re going high-tech here. This is an expensive gadget but one that could keep you from getting any speeding tickets. It’s not a per se smartphone app, but it could be. This model is able to connect to any smartphone, and it is used for running many apps. It is used to detect radars and you can connect it to your phone to receive notifications that way. It has a dedicated app to get the best out of it. For a while now it has been one of the best products of this type on the market. While not as common as a smartphone holder or a charger, this is one that soon, all cars will need to have. You’re better off getting it earlier, than after receiving a ticket