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How to Manipulate Your Opponents When Playing Online Roulette?

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Being able to stand out in the crowd of good and pro players in any sort of gambling game is a skill that is obtained over time. No one individual can just hop on to a game of poker, roulette or slots and instantly be the best.

With time and dedication, we all learn new skills. In gambling, there are a lot of skills you need to learn if you want to be profitable. Some of those skills are restraint, patience, and a clear head through the entirety of the game that can sometimes take a while. This is what all pro gamblers know and this is what they all mastered over time.

Now there is a big question here to be asked and answered and it is regarding online gambling and being able to utilize some of the strategies you have learned over time to tilt the scales of luck in your favour.

Can anyone manipulate someone you can’t see in person or can you manage to wiggle your way out of the tight situation when all you are working with is an online avatar or the name of your opponent!? The answer is yes, especially if we are talking about roulette. Today, with the help of Mr Green, we will tell you how to manipulate your opponents in a game of online roulette. Stick with us till the end.

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Roulette is a game of pure luck and somewhat decent odds. If you have got the skill and if you have the right strategy, with enough bank to back it up, there is no reason why you shouldn’t come on top of every game. A good strategy is important for everything in life, and it is especially important for gambling. Since we are still in the state of a global pandemic, we still operate on online terms thanks to that contact reduction thing that is going on.

If you are a passionate gambler then this period was difficult for you, especially if you are one of those gamblers that enjoy a good eye-to-eye game rather than starring in your monitor for several hours. This pandemic made gamblers switch to online games and made them adapt their strategies and play styles to maximize their gains. For most, it was a difficult adaptation but for others not so much.

We would like to help you fall in that other category and that is why we will be discussing a certain strategy you can implement in online roulette and have your opponents guessing what is your next move, and whether it will be profitable or not. You have all heard of a straight bet in roulette and it is not difficult to master.

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A straight bet is one of the most forward ones and easy to remember, but what is most important is you can mix and match it the way you like and you will constantly have your opponents guessing what you will do next. A straight bet is considered to be the most profitable one in roulette where the payback is 35:1 and the winning chance is around 2.7%. See, roulette is all about odds and luck so finding a game that suits you the best, with the biggest odds is rather difficult, but with a straight bet system, you will rarely lose, given the fact that you have a bank for it.

The best strategy for a straight bet has to be properly set and this is how to set it up. Now a good strategy for any sort of bet is important and the strategy we have for you today will maximize your profit with the utilization of progression. Progression is something that is highly disputed because it calls for an increase of your bets whenever you lose, to cover that loss. It also calls for reduction of your bet whenever you are in a winning position so it has some sort of balance to it.

In roulette and every other game risk minimization and loss, recovery is highly important if you want to make any sort of profit. Let’s get into this strategy right now. For this, to work you need to have at least a $1000 bankroll. Yes, it is a bit of a hefty sum but it will pay off in the end. You also have to play with minimal possible bets, so find an online casino that has the minimal possible bets available.

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The strategy works like this:

You have to select 8 or 10 random numbers and whatever number you choose is OK. Some go with 8 some with 10 the result is always the same – pick whatever you feel comfortable with. One additional thing to state here is that you can go with totally random numbers or you can follow the statistics and use the hot numbers from the table. This strategy will have you get paid for the numbers you leave out not for the numbers you cover which is why an 8 number strategy is probably the best.

So the details of the strategy are next! If you choose the 8 numbers one then you will have to put down $1 for each number for the next four spins. If you don’t win in those four spins then the next thing you do is increase the bet in this order: again choose 8 numbers and go with the $2 bet at all the positions for the next 3 spins. Similarly, to the previous step, if you don’t win in those three spins then you again increase the bet and choose 8 positions at $3 bet and wait for two spins and if that is not paying back then go with 8 positions with the $4 bet for one spin.

This strategy allows you to play 10 spins in total and circle all the bets at all the positions. In whatever position you win you need to circle to the first one again. So for instance, if you lose in first and second position for $1 and $2 bets and you win at a position for 3 dollars you will return to the first position and start over.

This strategy is a good one to make some profit but most importantly it will keep your online opponents guessing what your next move is. This strategy is somewhat counterintuitive because no one would return to lover bet after a win and this is what confuses a lot of players, but they do not know that this is a strategy for risk minimization and loss recovery that is highly profitable.

Best of luck to you and gamble responsibly.