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Bringing Hearts Together ─ The Process Of Obtaining A Spouse Visa For The UK

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A UK spouse visa is issued and permitted by the British government. It falls under the category of family visas. The visa allows you to visit your British partner and stay in the UK for 30 months. However, you should know the process that can help in extending this period to an additional 30 months. For obtaining British citizenship, you must apply for the partner visa that will lead you to attain the ILR, followed by citizenship.

If you want to enter through a family visa for UK, it will help if you know your eligibility. A professional can help you, but the basics should be met. You should either be married or you should be a party to a civil relationship with a citizen of the British country, with a person who is settled in the UK, or with a refugee. So, the whole idea is based on the proof of the existence of a valid relation, followed by details of your secure financial condition.

You should not confuse this with the UK marriage visitor visa. The marriage visitor visa is one where the applicant can visit the country or become a party to a civil obligation. In this case, it does not matter whether your spouse is a resident of the British country or not.

Stages Of The Visa Process

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The stages that you will come across while applying are as follows:

  • Filling and completing the application form
  • Submitting the form and paying the fees
  • Booking your appointment for biometrics and fulfilling other medical requirements
  • Attending the biometric appointment and submitting other documents supporting the application
  • Checking for updates and, finally, the decision regarding your pending application

Difference From Inside Or Outside The Country

Some spouses live with their partners in the UK, and others reside outside the country and want to visit the country. So there can be confusion. When the settled partner is processing the application on behalf of the applicant, they tend to understand it as being made from inside the country. However, suppose the visa application is being processed by the actual applicant or is done by the partner residing in the UK on their behalf. In that case, they are only treated as applications outside of the UK.

The fee for such an application process is 1,548 pounds. Further, there is an applicable Immigration Health Surcharge that you are bound to pay. You can get confirmation about the amount for the same.

The applications made from inside the country apply when the applicant is there. However, the applicant should not visit the country without a visitor or tourist visa. They can switch the route from another category, like the student or work visa. Such an application can be initiated under further leave to remain in the UK as a partner or a spouse.

Visa Application Steps For The UK

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The stages of the application process are similar to the steps that must be done by the applicant applying for the visa. The visa applications are available online, and you can visit the official British website to apply for the partner visa, which opens the door for proposed civil partners, unmarried partners, finances, and married spouses.

1. Form Completion And Submission

You will get an application form with different sections, and you should answer everything correctly before moving on. You should set a strong yet easy-to-remember email id and password for your application. The saved data will be available for ten weeks, and you can complete the form at your convenience. Also, you should ensure that you are not making any mistakes. When you complete this process, you will get a unique link for completing the application.

The VAF4A form should not be ignored. You should complete it and submit all the required documents when applying for a family visa. It is available as an extension of the online form. The sponsor must confirm their finances and the categories they use for the financial requirement. It is a manual form; hence, you must download it to complete it.

2. Payments

You have to extend payments in the form of the IHS and UKVI fees. You should ensure that you are getting receipts for both payments. The IHS fee receipt comes with a reference number, and you have to use this number to pay the second fee.

Then, you have to book your appointment for biometrics. You should ensure booking your appointment for the nearest location, which can reduce any last-minute travel and location issues. In case you face difficulty with the GWF number, you will find it on the front page of your visa application form. However, it will only be available if you have filled out the form and downloaded it in pdf format.

You should ensure uploading all the required documents before your biometric appointment. Also, you should have them scanned for the biometric appointment. When you have visited the allocated place for your biometric appointment, you should follow a proper process to avoid delays or confusion. You should check if you are required to submit or upload any documents after the biometric process is completed.

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3. Waiting For The Decision

You will get an email with an acknowledgment receipt from the Home office, which confirms receipt of your biometric information and your documents. They can access your application, study your reasons, and then decide upon the same.

If you have the Priority Visa service, the decision will be faster. You can expect the decision in 30-60 working days. The standard time stands at six weeks. However, there is nothing guaranteed. However, the standard service can take time, and you can get a reply in the form of your application’s decision within 3-4 months.

You will get an update via email regarding the decision for your application. You will receive your passport, and if it has the vignette, it means that the decision is in your favor. The visa stamp is valid for 30 days, generally from the date it was issued. But, if you have applied as a spouse, the validity extends for six months.


Hence, that’s all about applying for a spouse visa in the UK. Many agencies and professionals can assist you in the process, but you should pick an experienced one with a reliable success rate. Also, you should be ready with all your true documents and maintain authenticity in the overall process. If you do it correctly, with the support of the right professionals, you will be more likely to be granted a visa.