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4 Advantages of Hiring a Professional TV Aerial Installer in 2024

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Television is the main source of entertainment for a lot of people on this planet. The feeling of finally getting home after a hard day’s work, sitting down, sitting on a cool drink, and watching TV is irreplaceable. It is the type of activity that will ease your brain from all kinds of stress. Unfortunately, in these modern times, for some reason, cable TV is becoming more and more expensive. We do not know the exact reason why this is happening, but fortunately, there are other alternatives such as TV Aerial.

One of the main reasons I believe that TV aerial is a much better alternative than cable TV is that it is much cheaper, which is one of the most obvious advantages and the fact that it can provide more content. However, installing a TV aerial at home is not an easy feat. It requires several qualifications which means that not everyone can do it. Even if you are handy with technology, tools, and setting up things such as these, I still think that hiring a professional installer is a much better idea.

Why should you risk your health and the new device you have bought when you can just hire someone to do it for you? Sure, it may cost a few dozen dollars, but I think everyone will agree that it is worth it when compared to the amount of risk.

If you’re still unconvinced why you should spend a bit of cash on a professional, here are some of the advantages of hiring said installer.

It is faster

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The main advantage of hiring a professional instead of doing yourself or calling a handyman is because they will be able to finish this project in just half an hour or even less. These people have done these types of tasks at least 100 times which means that setting up a satellite or a receiver next to your TV will take them no more than 10 or 15 minutes. Combine those 15 minutes with another 10 minutes of setting up the connection between the satellite and the receiver and you get half an hour.

Now let us compare this level of expertise with someone that has never done this type of thing before. First, they will have no idea where to start. Reading through the manual, looking through the Internet for guides will take them at least 10 or 20 minutes, right? After that, they have to find an optimal place to place the satellite then you will have to run the cable through your home and to the receiver and then plug it into the TV. They also have to spend a bit of time to set up the software and so on.

I’m sure that you value your time a lot which means that spending several hours waiting for someone inexperienced to do install your TV aerial is just not worth it. A professional will do things cleanly and efficiently.


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One of the biggest risks you will face while installing a TV aerial all by yourself is hurt and yourself. And believe it or not, but people put themselves quite often when trying to install the satellite on the roof of their own home. Sometimes the letter slips up, the shingles start to fall off and who knows what else. Falling off a roof can cause serious bruising or you might even break a leg or an arm which will cost you a lot more than a few dozen dollars.

By hiring a professional installer, they will have their equipment, their own anti-slip ladder, you have their tools, and everything else they required for this installation. This type of professional will be confident in their actions, they usually do not have any fear of heights which means that the level of risk is reduced to almost zero.

I should also mention that many companies such as aerialandsatelliteexpress practice safety when it comes to today’s pandemic. Most of these professionals will be wearing protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and will probably carry antibacterial gel.

Warranty for a good connection

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Assuming that you do not have any kind of previous experience when it comes to setting up aerial TV, who knows what kind of mistakes you may make well installing the receiver or the satellite onto the roof of your home? You might face the satellite in the wrong direction, you might tear the cable or may even fail to calibrate the software on the receiver. All of these mistakes usually lead to awful connection and image quality.

An experienced professional will never make mistakes such as the ones I mentioned. And even if they do, they will replace them at no extra fees and will apologize. They will ensure that the image quality you get is as best as possible. If you do experience some kind of issues with the quality of your connection, you can just call them and they will be back at it again to fix your problems.

Most of the time, the companies that provide the services have a warranty that they will fix any future problems you might experience.

It may be cheaper

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Like I already mentioned, hiring a regular handyman to do this type of work is not exactly a great idea. At first, it may seem cheaper to hire a jack of all trades, but things might get expensive as time passes by. The time they will spend studying the manual, analyzing the perfect location for a satellite, and whatever else will probably cost you more money. For every extra hour, a handyman works, they will ask you for extra cash.

In other words, it might be better to just hire a professional that understands his job than someone with no experience in this area, or according to tvaerialinstaller.co.uk, just call the official company and their customer support will help you come to a solution.

After reading for this article, I am sure that you understand the obvious advantages of hiring a professional TV aerial installer. A professional will ensure that you get the best possible connection, always.