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Pub Quiz As A Team Building Activity

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HR managers keep looking for effective methods to keep the team engaged and happy. It helps in keeping harmony among the team members and keeps them motivated to provide their best work.

Thus, to incorporate this, opting for pub quiz weekend activity can turn your weekends into fun and entertaining evenings that everyone will look forward to.

In this guide, we have shared how Pub Quiz can be one of the best ways to unwind and build trust among colleagues. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

What will Pub Quiz bring to the table?

Engaging your employees with simple games like a pub quiz is a great way to allow them to open up besides learning something new. You can learn more about this below.

An Opportunity To Showcase Your General Knowledge

Yes, you heard it right! Some employees may know many interesting facts that are completely unheard of. This game helps them share that knowledge with the team to enhance their knowledge as well.

Feeling A Part Of The Community

With Pub quizzes becoming a regular office thing, you will feel like you are a part of some exclusive community. That community will become your go-to space for lots of laughter and fun.

Actual Prize Winning

Linking these games to monetary or prizes can boost employee morale. It is a perfect way to add thrill and increase participation without any hassle. In this way, you also get to have friendly competitions with your team members.

How To Start

Form your teams and assign one person to be a quizmaster. Well, the quizmaster has to be prepared with all the fun questions beforehand. He reads questions one after another while the participants keep jotting their answers on paper. The winner is decided at the end, based on all the participant responses.

You can even add some in-between rewards to keep all competing participants engaged. This will result in a successful event and, at the same time, bring all your co-workers closer together.

Do’s And Don’ts To Take Care

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Follow the below pointers for the best pub quiz organization in your workplace!

Choose A Skilled Host

A terrific communicator can be a game-changer in entertaining the audience in the best way. You can either pick the one who is a stage-lover or ask for volunteers.

Themes Go A Long Way

Hosting a thematic pub quiz is a fun way to spice things up and keep the audience excited about questions. This also makes the games pretty diversified and keeps employees happy.

Putting Humor – Golden Rule Of Making Things Fun

To make the games enjoyable, add a slight touch of humor by adding a few funny facts or jokes to fill the question gaps. Not just this, happy music can also do wonders while the quiz maker is on stage entertaining everyone.

Some Last Words

By now, you must have understood how pub quizzes or trivia play a pivotal role in helping people get along and unwind smoothly. Not only this, it strengthens the professional relationships among team members and fosters a cheerful working environment.

So, what are you still waiting for? You can start including Pub quizzes as part of the general team-building exercises to grow your team into a single unit.