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How Do You Know If A Retro Record Player Is Good Quality?

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The first thing you ask yourself is why should you grab a Retro Record Player and is it worthwhile to spend the money? The truth to this question is not that easy. You can very easily purchase the latest generation record player built with numerous functions and is easy to use. Then why go for Retro Record Players?

When you decide to look for a vintage player, you’re looking for quality and the mark it has made. Since many brands have been producing them for countless years now, you can trust them with their products.

It is important to remember that when you are buying a classic record player, you’re actually buying one that has been used before. Therefore, it is crucial for you to know where you’re spending your money and is it at the right place. You must be sure of every detail and check if the record player is even worth buying.

Things To Check When Buying A Retro Record Player

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Once you’ve found a classic record player, you need to make sure you’re investing money in the right place. So these are the things you must verify for a good quality retro record player.

Carry A Test Record

It is critical to carry a disc to test the player and see if it’s functioning correctly. The ideal testing disc is one that is inexpensive and still in great condition. Your trial record will be entirely defined by your library, but it is recommended to use Steely Dan’s Aja as the ideal candidate record because of its great sound efficiency and low acquisition cost.

Inspect It Visually Too

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This is actually the first step prior to even playing your test record in the player. You must look for some important elements before determining it is fit to play the record. Check for the usual scratches and damages, it is not recommended to purchase one if there is too much damage.

Keep in mind that these record players are commonly many years old, so don’t assume that they will be available in excellent shape. However, ensure that there are no big patches in the plastic or timber, as these could suggest that there is a bigger issue with the motor or wheel.

Examine the wires and connectors

The device must at a bare minimum have a phono cord and, suitably, a ground connection. See to it that they are connected and in good condition.

Ask About The Treatment And Condition Of The Record Player

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This is a great method to start a conversation regarding the cost of the product. If the seller does not know much about the record player’s maintenance, you can simply request for a lesser cost.

Questions like “when was the motor last checked” or “where was the system stored all this while” are very important for verifying before purchasing them.


Having an old-style record player is an excellent way to add a bit of zest to your passion. Hopefully, this information was helpful for your musical adventure.