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5 Reasons to Choose Composite Decking – 2024 Guide

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A floor that looks great, obtained without cutting wood and perfect for areas by the pool, terrace or your garden? The solution is clear – composite decking. The time of parquet and wooden floors is slowly losing its former shine. They’re still popular, but their place is gradually being taken by newer options like this one, which requires less effort and provides much more. It’s somehow logical, you’ll admit – we’re in the 21st century, it’s time for changes!

Assuming you don’t know much about this method, here’s a little explanation – these are boards made from a mixture of new and recycled plastic fibers. In combination with painted motifs, patterns and protective additives, the result is a product that looks like a board – heavier than real wood, but usually much more resistant to numerous types of external influences. You may have already seen them showing off in the gardens of cafes, restaurants, as smaller podiums and in some other situations, and believe us – people definitely don’t choose them for no reason.

We know that it may be difficult to get rid of the impression that wooden floors are a classic and that it isn’t always wise to give up or risk with different methods. After all, they have been used for so long that we can hardly imagine any house or home without at least a single part made of this material. However, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and opt for a newer and more modern variant, and we want to show you that you have nothing to lose with it.

What do you say, should we have a look at the main reasons for that? Yes, indeed!

1. Durability

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If any factor needs to be taken into account in the first place, it’s absolutely the endurance of the units that are about to be installed  and the material of which they’re made. This is the intention with which the concept of composite decking was made – to resist everything that wood doesn’t cope with or hardly copes with it and to prevent the destructive influence of numerous enemies of wood that often attack floors made of it.

Boards stacked during the installation process are made in such a way that you won’t have to be afraid of what will happen if you accidentally scratch the surface, or that it’ll swell if you spill something or that it’ll rot. All these problems are a thing of the past, just like the bending of boards and the appearance of mold and moisture.

Manufacturers usually solve this with special coatings that automatically provide protection – both for the surface itself and for potentially exposed parts that sometimes remain open. So, if you opt for this kind of decking, you can be sure that it’ll pay off, as you won’t have to change parts or the entire construction often, as is the case with some types.

2. Goodbye to high maintenance

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Let’s not lie – who else likes to rub, scrub and wash until they pass out? What to do when stains penetrate deep into the wood, from where you can’t clean them so easily? Isn’t it easier when we can simply wipe everything with the help of an ordinary cloth and possibly some mild detergent? Of course, it is. And you can do it like that as well – if you have a floor like this.

Composite decks are designed without small cracks in which dirt, dust, leaves and mud can get into without you being able to clean them. Therefore, the paint will be much better preserved, the material won’t fade and look worn out, as that’s a common consequence of frequent rubbing and washing. It really couldn’t be simpler, and at the same time you won’t need to give a lot of money to the people who would have to maintain them, since you’ll be able to take care of all that in the blink of an eye.

3. Super nice looks

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Your ambience doesn’t lose even a trace of its aesthetic appeal when you opt for this decking type – on the contrary, you’ll refresh the space and make a real positive change wherever you implement it. It looks elegant, sophisticated and you have a whole range of options when it comes to the color you want in your combination. You can mix two or more designs and shades and get something that completely matches the furniture on your balcony, porch or tiles in your pool.

You can design all this before installation, and TheCompositeDecking helps by providing – attention, please! – a completely free sample pack to convince their future customers of the quality and make it easier to choose the desired combination. How do you miss the opportunity to create something so unique? Of course, if the wooden charm is still your groove, you can find patterns that irresistibly resemble it, for a more natural look.

4. House value increase

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Okay, let’s face it – installing composite decking isn’t always the cheapest solution you can think of. If you are tight with money and you aren’t sure if you’re really able to set aside that much cash, you may be hesitant and think about simply turning to a less costly solution. Of course, you can always do that – but stop and think for a moment about this fact as well.

Let’s say that one day you find the new house of your dreams and you really want to purchase it –  you’ll first need to sell the old one. Despite the first initial cost of installation and materials that may seem like quite a lot, this brings you the right and opportunity to ask for more money if you put the house up for sale. A feature like this affects the physical attractiveness of the object and gives it value, given the cost of the construction. And when you take into account that you won’t have to give extra cash for maintenance, the calculation is somewhat clear – it can absolutely pay off.

5. Children and pet friendly

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The safety of the youngest members of the family, just like our furry friends, is always our first priority. Even if they’re the smoothest in the world, wooden floors become susceptible to cracks after a certain period, and pieces of plywood or similar sharp edges might always appear and cut or stab someone.

With composite units there’s no such risk due to the structure of the material itself, so you can walk barefoot on them without fear and let your pets be there, as well as your youngsters. Also, the slippage is solved thanks to special anti-slip elements that take security to an even higher level. Pretty cool!