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How to Properly Recycle Your Kids’ Clothes?

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Whether it is a seasonal holiday or you just decided to clean your wardrobe, we hope we catch your attention before you throw your kids’ outgrown clothes in the trash. Decluttering the closest is always a good idea. But what about those pieces of clothing that could bring a smile to many families in need. It’s known that Americans consume a lot of clothing a year and particularly kids clothes and footwear. 

Children outgrow clothing fast, so some pieces look gently used or rarely worn. One of the best resellers of gently used kids’ clothes is Kidzmax. You can find more about the reseller by clicking here. But if you want to learn more about recycling and get inspired with new ideas, keep on reading. Here is how you can properly recycle your kids’ clothes. 

Did you know that according to the EPA, landfills in the US consist of around 5% of textiles? Most clothing gets thrown away every year, which leads to destructive environmental impacts.

The average US citizen throws away roughly 70 pounds of fabric every year. Only about 15% of all the clothing that people don’t want anymore gets recycled. The rest fills landfills across the country. 

Becoming conscious as a consumer is vital for the future of the planet. So recycle as much as you possibly can and teach your children to do the same by setting an example.  But how can you properly recycle your kids’ clothes? 

There are plenty of ways to get rid of your clothing without causing more environmental problems. Here are a few creative ways to do that. 

Make kids’ clothes recycling fun!

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Well, you can even make this activity fun and ask your kids to join you while you select the clothes for recycling. You can always make a home fashion show review in the spirit of “Toss or keep.” You can ask your kids to play fashion models and put on their clothes.

Make a fun runway review for the whole family to enjoy and have fun. Then your family members can turn into judges and vote for each outfit: “Toss or keep.” After you decide which clothes should get tossed, there are plenty of ways to get rid of them properly. 


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Maybe you want your kids’ clothing items to be of use to other children, but you don’t have the time to resell. Well, a great and noble way of getting rid of them is to donate. You can give away the garments to community centers or homeless shelters. Keep the textile out of the landfills and bring a smile to a child in need. What could be better than that? 


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If you have the time and energy to resell, recycling for you could also mean saving up some money. Resellers like Kidzmax could resell those clothes that are barely worn or still have their tags. The latter is the most sought out. If you have any items that are in good condition, by all means, resell them or go to trusted resellers. We all could use some extra cash. 


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There are so many organizations and places where you can give your kids too-far-gone clothing. They even take other textile items and accessories and could repurpose them for car seat stuffings, pillows, or even create a new fabric out of their fibers.

Socks, running shoes, and anything else could end up creating new textiles for new items. You can check out any recycling organizations that can help you dispose of those too-far-gone items.


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You can stop buying reusable cleaning clothes. What about the cotton trousers and the old shirts, or your daughter’s old stained dresses? They make great cleaning clothes! Gather the pile and start cutting. Get creative.

Cut in different shapes and sizes so that you clean up even the most hard-to-reach places. What about patchwork? Have you seen those gorgeous patchwork blankets? Some of them cost a lot.

Well, yours could be priceless because it will contain a piece of clothing from your daughter’s first birthday or your son’s first soccer game. Check out some patchwork ideas online. You could even make a sweater or a dress out of old pieces of clothing. Creativity is the key!

Make fun stuff and toys out of it

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Does your kid want a cowboy costume? All the children have been asking for one. Well, you could make a “gun holster” out of your old jeans or jean jacket. You can add studs to the belt and other details that your little toy guns would fit into perfectly.

What fun! In fact, you can add this idea to other items that need some DIY updates. It will definitely bring them back from obscurity. Just give it a try and get creative! Your kids would love it!

There are plenty of creative ways to recycle your kids’ clothes. You can donate, resell, or recycle them. There are also many organizations that would take your old textiles and upcycle them into new items. Get creative with your children and have fun while you recycle!

To conclude 

The first thing to remember is that clothes recycling could be lots of fun and a very creative solution to your closet decluttering. No matter which option you choose, each serves a purpose. There are different types of recycling options for kids’ clothes, based primarily on their condition. 

Resellers of kids’ items like Kidzmax do an awesome job saving the environment and helping families purchase quality clothes for their children at the lowest possible prices. For some families, money is what makes the difference. 

Other organizations make sure that no longer reusable clothes become fibers for new fabric and continue to live on. If you get creative, you can create items made of patchwork and wear your most precious memories.