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Russian Women Dating ─ The Do’s and Don’ts

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Russian women dating has been in western guys’ minds for a while. Russian women have always been pursued by western guys and this tendency doesn’t seem to slow down. Only a lazy man hasn’t heard about Russian women and how wonderful they are probably. You also know that lots of men are not happy with these ladies and there are several reasons for that.

If you are one of those guys who want very much but still are a bit concerned or afraid of Russian women, the following information is exactly for you. You will see what the do’s and don’ts of Russian women dating are, whether you need to step into that game, and how to make it work if you decide to try your luck with girls from Russia.

The do’s of dating Russian women

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“The problem is that local women are not pretty accustomed to getting acquainted with strangers in person” (Source: https://datingserviceusa.net/russian-women-dating/ ). It means that just buying a plane ticket and arriving in her country to meet the woman of your dreams is not the best idea. Lots of foreigners still succeed in it but that is rather an exception than a general rule.

Let’s say, you go to Russia for work where you are surrounded by different women in your field. They get to know you step by step and know who you are, and where you work, and get used to that. In this case, it is not difficult to meet a good single woman and start a relationship.

If you are just a tourist and do not plan to stay in the country too long, then they will hardly trust you. The truth is there are so many sex tourists in Slavic and Baltic countries that women are very cautious about foreign travelers. You are not likely to meet someone occasionally for russian women dating. Moreover, you can meet some scammers, too.

Therefore, if you want to meet a good Russian woman for dating and plan to succeed in it, there are a few ways to do it. Here you see which ones exactly.

Better to use a reputable international dating site

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For russian women dating, plenty of Russian ladies use international dating portals. Although they do not trust foreign travelers, they prefer registering on various dating sites where men are verified and serious. You will for sure find a lady to talk to, meet in person, and build a relationship with.

There is a lot of bad fame about such dating services but if you approach it properly, you will find a very good dating provider and meet a good lady there. Check expert reviews, recommendations, and users’ testimonials to pick a good service for Russian women dating.

Be initiative

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You are very careful with initiatives when it comes to dating western girls, aren’t you? Giving them a hand when they are getting out of the car or sending flowers is considered a weakness. It is the opposite of Russian girls. During Russian women dating, they want you to show initiative in everything.

For example, if you want her to go out with you, then do not tell her that you would like to go out with her someday if she doesn’t mind. Be more direct. Say something like “I want to ask you out, what about tomorrow?” This will show her you are more confident and this is exactly what they are looking for. Send flowers on occasion and without an occasion, this will make her heart melt.

The no-nos of dating Russian women

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Certain things should be avoided by all means during the process of Russian women dating. Thus, you should not do the following:

  • Be greedy. All Russian women are looking for generous men and once they hear you complaining about something being too expensive (especially when related to her), it’s a huge turn-off.
  • Think all Russian girls want to date foreigners and move abroad. This is not true at all. Some Russian women want to date and marry foreigners and live abroad, while others feel very well in their countries.
  • Ask her to share the bills. Remember from now on — all dating bills are fully your responsibility. Once you offer her to share the dating bill, you fail.
  • Think that a green card is her dream. This is really not and marrying a man for the sake of a green card is a myth from the past you should not even mention. For Russian girls, there are plenty of other ways to move abroad and get a green card.

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