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6 Ways to Download or Save Facebook Videos in 2024

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Being among the most popular social media networks, Facebook has been offering its cool features to millions of people all around the globe. Various possibilities and forms of content let you communicate with your friend groups in diverse ways – by messaging, writing a status, sharing clips, posting pictures, or leaving comments. In the last few years, the company has popularized the video content streaming option. Users are encouraged to film their everyday life, those amazing concerts they attend, events like birthdays or crazy parties and share them with everybody.

But at times this isn’t enough. At times we wish to capture those moments and save them in order to watch them later – even when we don’t really have an internet connection. Just a few years ago, the process of downloading a video from someone’s Facebook profile was extremely difficult and required many complicated steps and procedures. Fortunately, the features have evolved, bringing a bunch of new ways of obtaining the desired video clips from any public or available profile.

Today we’ll try to cover the most popular and easy-to-use services related to this particular task. Lots of programs come with buttons or hyperlinks that lead to another page containing a virus, adware, or malware that can severely damage your computer. The best thing about our suggestions is that they don’t pose lots of risk to the user – they’re so simple to use and rather effective.

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Ingramer.com is a magnificent tool for obtaining any content from today’s most popular social network. Why bother to screenshot or record your screen if you can acquire all the pictures, videos or stories from public accounts and watch them later on your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone? You can obtain any file in high quality in a completely hassle-free way – and it’s rather easy to handle it.

The only thing you need to do is to open the file you want to save on Facebook, click the three dots in the upper right corner and copy/paste the link into the field within the tool. The content will be automatically saved in the Downloads folder of your smartphone or PC/Mac.

The website has a clear and simple layout, enabling an easy-peasy navigation. It’s also safe as it doesn’t violate any rules, as long as the content isn’t published as your own. Another amazing feature is the absence of ads – isn’t that lovely?

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Downvids is an easy-to-use, safe, web-based clip downloader. It will let you store clips on an iPhone or Android smartphone. It’s the multipurpose one – not only will you be able to download clips from Facebook, but it will also get some cool YouTube playlists for you, as well as Vimeo or Instagram recordings.

Copy and paste the clip URL in the box, choose the quality setting you prefer by using the drop-down menu below. Select video format, press Download, and voila – your video clip is ready for rewatching whenever your heart desires it.


FBDown is also a rather undemanding tool for saving videos. What makes it different from other services is that it offers two approaches to saving files. The first one is the link method – start by copying the link of the file you want, paste it into the box on the web app, and press the Download button. The app will need a few seconds to process it, but once it’s done, you’ll be able to enjoy the chosen content from whichever device you prefer.

You can also try the FBDown Chrome Extension that’ll detect any clip on the web page you’re currently browsing. After that, it’ll become downloadable as soon as the icon on the upper right-hand corner of the browser appears. This extension also works on numerous other sites – not just Facebook.

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SaveFrom has a web app and a Chrome extension, as well – and both will copy the content from the desired Facebook page to your device. SaveFrom also works with numerous other sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, which is a fabulous perk if you regularly save files from the internet and want to keep them safe.

You’re most likely familiar with the first step: just take the video’s URL, paste it into the box on the screen, and click the button that follows. The extension isn’t on the Chrome Web Store, therefore you’ll need to sideload it. The procedure is quite complicated, and it involves using a tool called MeddleMonkey that adds user script support to Chrome. Long story short – in case you don’t want further complication, simply use a web app.


KeepVid is one of the simplest programs for saving any video files off the internet. You can store anything you wish from more than 10,000 apps and web pages! A true record, isn’t it? It’s also the most comprehensive app on the list. There’s a desktop app for Windows and macOS, an online downloader, and browser extensions for Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

The desktop programs add extra functionality but sadly, they aren’t free. Luckily, they aren’t necessary if you only want to grab a few clips – the online version will be sufficient for your needs. To use it, grab the URL of the Facebook clip you want, paste it inside the box and download.


FBDownloader is another quick and painless online Facebook video downloader. It has a very easy to use interface that makes downloading videos a breeze. FBDownloader provides options for downloading Facebook videos in standard and high-quality formats, and it also has an option to save videos as audio-only MP3 files. If you’re looking to downloading a private Facebook video, FBDownloader has you covered there as well with their private video downloader.

The tool is 100 percent free to use without any limitations, and since it works directly in a web browser, you’ll be able to save Facebook videos regardless if you’re on a desktop computers, mobile phones, or tablet.

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Here we have a wonderful program – not only does it allow you to acquire videos, but it also enables you to get MP3 files of audio clips. Additionally, it functions on desktop but also counts as a way to save content to your phone. In case you want to save to an iPhone or Android, just go to the Getfvid site. The process is the same, regardless of your operating system – the same old steps: copy, paste, get it.

It also comes as a Chrome extension that’ll let you take high-quality videos from Facebook with a single click. However, it doesn’t function with private content, so be aware of this fact before trying to use it.

As you can see, you’ll never have to worry again if you want to binge-watch online videos while being disconnected from the internet. This list of services is only the tip of the iceberg, as today we have plenty of magnificent mobile apps, websites and desktop programs that can achieve a similar outcome. We hope that this article paved the way for your limitless enjoyment of Facebook videos – wait no more and keep your video collection safe and available to use!