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6 Tips and Tricks on How to Save Money When Shopping Online

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Shopping is what we do and online shopping is what we love the most. Thanks to modem technology and the ingenuity of people we can spend our hard-earned money without even having to go outside.

Now, we are not going to go in-depth about the shopping habits we have because there are those as much as there is us so it would take us significant time to cover everything. Instead of that, we will focus on one thing that is integral for online shopping and it is saving money. With shopping online a huge new market exploded and naturally every one of interest wanted in.

With great offers comes great demand but one that is highly diversified and scattered around. To draw in as many potential customers businesses started flinging around things like sales, one-time offers, low prices for a limited time and similar. This is all fine but it is also limited and hard to catch sometimes.

Since we are in a digital world it is only natural that we have digital businesses like GreenPromoCode.com that are there for us to list every store with every possible category you might be interested in and list all of sales, coupons and promo offerings in one place.

Now as you could see from this, as well as the title of this article, we will be discussing saving money while shopping so stick with us till the end and see our tips and tricks to do so!

1. Newsletters

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Now we know that most of us tend to steer clear from these just because most often they can be a hassle with constant notifications for every new product, line, service, and whatnot. This is mainly the reason why people rarely subscribe to various newsletters, but we also have to tell you that by doing so you are missing out on valuable info.

Businesses usually use these types of communication with their customers to notify them what is going on or what news they have in store for you, but they also use newsletters to inform you of big sales, clearances and sometimes you may even get promo or discount codes as well. So, if you have a favorite brand or service you like try and accept their newsletters or rather subscribe to one and see what you can and will get. 

2. Social media

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Every business these days is on social media. It is both a form of advertisement and a way to directly communicate with your potential customers. Social media can sometimes be too much and overwhelming but if you have several brands, services or stores you follow you will easily navigate through them and quickly find what they are preparing, offering, working on etc.

You will also get a sneak peek at all of their promo goods that they are discounting, putting on sale, and those are the things that should interest you the most. Sometimes social media accounts of stores and brands you follow online will share their sales, create prize pools or prizes in a form of their products or services to their most loyal followers. Don’t snooze on this.

3. Gift cards

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Gift cards are also a great idea where you can save money while buying. Some places offer gift cards for money and with those you can shop more for less money. Some of the gift cards can be tied for one purchase while some will offer you discounts on more items.

These are probably the ones that are the most cost-effective because the more you buy the discount is better and the less money you spend. With the savings, you can afford something else or use it on more gift cards. It is a win-win situation.

4. Put your items in the cart and…..

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My humble self has several times shopped online for certain things, placed a few of them in my cart, was ready to pay for the stuff and then all of a sudden a question in my mind popped up – “Do you need this?” after that I would close the window and abandoned what is in my cart and walk away. What happened then was something incredible.

After some time, I get an email notifying me that my cart is still waiting and that the store offered me a 10 or 15% discount on it to finish my shopping. So, this is also a neat way to save money, but keep in mind that just some stores and brands do this not all of them.

5. Go used market

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Okay, another great way of saving money is to go second-hand on certain things. There are items we all need and for some, it doesn’t matter if they are new or old. Furniture, some electronics, and other things will not make a lot of difference if you buy them new or second-hand.

Find a good market where there is a lot of stuff for sale and buy something that you will pay half the price instead of full. There is your rainy-day money right there! The only thing you need to pay attention to here is if the sellers would take refunds if the items are not as described and damaged. This is a smart way of money-saving, just don’t get hassled out of your cash.

6. Going incognito

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Cookies are a big data source to websites, businesses, advertisers and others. This is how they know what you shop for, what you look at, what you wish, what you need and a lot more. The websites that do sell stuff online have these cookies and most likely, at one point you accepted all of them because why not, right?!

Now those cookies might be the reason why you and I don’t see the same price for the same product at the same time. To avoid this, we suggest clearing all cookies from your browser and trying to shop online in an incognito window or a private mode.

Your browser already has that integrated and if you do not know how to use it just Google it, it is that simple. This way you will always appear as a first-time visitor in your favorite store, retailer or shop and you just might get those first-time prices that you have been missing out on.