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Top 20 Sites for Free Online Education

Sites for Free Online Education

Sites for Free Online EducationTop 20 Sites for Free Online Education: The Internet has changed the way we do many things out lives and now it has focused its attention on changing how we study for good. In fact, online free education has made education accessible to students from far-flung areas who cannot afford higher education. With many online education websites, now you can study your favorite courses anytime from anywhere for free.

Below is the list of top 20 sites for free online Education


Coursera.org is a website that partners with some of the best universities around the world to bring top-quality education online for free. You can choose from a wide range of subjects. Coursera is one of the best websites for taking online courses in your area of interest for free. Coursera offers something for everyone.


Another good online education website is edX. Similar to courser, edX also offers many online courses in collaboration with some of the best universities around the world. You can find your favorite subject on the huge list of subjects. Not only that, edX imparts online education for free.


What makes Alison stand out from the rest of the online education website is that Alison offers certificates in some specialized areas. It focuses more on IT, business and medicine courses but you can also find some language courses on this website too. Apart from that, Alison also brings the school curriculum to the table.

Khan Academy

Khan academy needs no introduction when it comes to online education. It combines course content from around the web and present in an easy to use interface for students. If you want to learn a particular subject from the beginning to the advanced level, then Khan Academy is an ideal choice. You will find many elementary school courses to some advance level courses.

iTunes U Free Courses

How can leave out Apple from online education? Well, we can’t. Apple has come up with its replay in the form of iTunes U. If you have an Apple mobile device, then there is no better place to learn than iTunes U. Search the topic you want to learn and listen to podcasts and videos. You can choose your topic from a wide array of options


Rightly called courser of Europe, iVersity brings some of the best courses from the prestigious European universities to anyone with an internet connection. You will find a wide range of subjects and good quality course material on the website.


Similar to courser in some ways, udemy set itself apart by allowing users to build custom courses from lessons. Working with many top professors and schools, Udemy has put together top quality content for their courses.


For all those who are inclined to learn coding, this website is one of the best places to learn to code. Code Academy takes a little different approach and offers a live practice window for those who learn to code. This means you can practice coding while still viewing the lesson material. All the coding lessons are well organized and make it easy for you to learn coding. Choose a language and get started.

Academic Earth

If you want courses from different universities then Academic Earth is for you. Academic Earth brings together free online courses from many different sources. Academic earth courses on a wide range of subjects.


If you want to learn coding as a beginner, then the site will help your cause. It is basically designed for teenagers to develop the interest of coding in them that is why you will find many kid-friendly courses and material on this website. Whether it is website development or app development, you can learn it all on this website.

MIT Open Courseware

Get access to the course content of the Worlds number one university in the world for free through this website and start learning. In-depth course materials and a variety of courses make it one of the best open courseware websites from any university.

Stanford Online

Stanford online is another handy online learning resource from the world-famous university. The good thing about this website, which makes it stand out from a website is that it offers self-paced courses to online learners. Some of the courses might require iTunes but most of them work perfectly fine in your browser.

Harvard Extension

Like Stanford and MIT, Harvard also has an online portal that goes by the name of Harvard Extension. It brings courses from the university but the content is not as strong as other multi-school sites. Search for courses that offer certificates and achieve your learning goal.

Open Yale Courses

Quite similar to Harvard Extension and Stanford Online, it only offers courses from Yale University. You can watch actual campus lecture videos delivered by the best professors of Yale University.

University of London Podcasts

Visit the podcast page on the University of London website and you will find a wealth of content there. It delivers courses through a different podcast from the University of London. You can browse through a wide range of topics and lectures.

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Focused on a smaller number of topics, this website delivers quality free online education for all those who are willing to learn. The fewer topics were overshadowed by the depth in which they are covered, which more than make up for a smaller number of topics.

University of Oxford Podcasts

Like the University of London, the University of Oxford also comes up with its online education initiative. Lectures from visiting professors in the form of podcasts are available for online learners. They are arranged into series, which makes it easy for you to subscribe to multiple topics and lectures.


You might have heard about TED talks but did you know that they also have a section dedicated to education by the name of TED-ED. This website is loaded with educational videos that are augmented by quizzes for a wholesome learning experience.

Lessons Path

If you want to access learning material on a wide range of topics, then this website is for you. You can create a playlist of the learning material on this website. You can collect quality content on a single topic or browse through content on different topics on this website.

UC Barkley Class Central

Like many other universities around the world, UC Barkley also has an online portal for free education by the name of UC Barkley Class Central. Although, the courses and content are fairly limited the supplementary lectures make it easy to learn things quickly.