SITES LIKE BUZZFEED: There is no doubt that we live in a world dominated by information technology, internet, and modern-day mobile gadgets and devices. These days this is a culture.

You will find these devices and modern technology in almost every field and everywhere you go from shopping centers to hospitals. Many useful websites help you to be productive and enhance your knowledge. The Internet has something for everyone whether you are a sports fan or loves cars.

If you are one of those who want to know what is happening and what is hot in social media the Buzzfeed will be an ideal choice. It is a result of the brilliant integration of social media. It offers the best of both worlds in one place. Browse through the best social content on the web and share it with friends as well.

Although, there are many websites like Buzz feed very few people know about these websites. I decided to uncover some of the best Buzzfeed alternatives on the web.

Here is a list of best sites like Buzzfeed


Reddit needs no introduction when it comes to bringing the latest happenings to people from the cyber world all in one place. Rightly known as the front page of the internet, it has justified the title to a certain degree.

You can choose the category and read the latest news and happenings in the categories. Reddit is quite popular and has a dedicated audience who visit the site regularly to get their dose of news.

Worldwide Audience for Reddit.com

Reddit.com gets 46.2% of its traffic from the USA where it is ranked #9.

Social Engagement for Reddit.com

Reddit.com has 6.9% of its total traffic coming from social networks and email (in last 3 months) and the most active engagement is detected in StumbleUpon (217K views)

Safety status of Reddit.com

Safety status of Reddit.com is described as follows: MyWOT reports its overall reputation as excellent, Google Safe Browsing reports its status as safe, while users provide mostly positive reviews (84%).


Once you visit the website you quickly come to a conclusion, that College Humor is a comic site. This website even does better than Buzzfeed and is often considered as the comedy site of the internet.

You can find all sorts of funny and amazing funny videos, funny pictures with nice descriptions, and news that flushes in mind, keeping you on-site for a long time. All the popular categories you can think of is available on the site. Just like Buzzfeed College Humor keeps its user entertained with the best viral and funny stuff they have at hand.


Digg comes at the close second in this list of sites like Buzzfeed and some might disagree with me on this because they will say that Digg deserves the top spot. Leave that discussion for some other time.

Digg brings the most talked-about stories from around the web in one place. You can also see videos and pictures that are getting most views online. Get the breaking news on your favorite category such as politics before others do thanks to Digg.


Unlike Buzzfeed, this website cracked does not offer quizzes and question but still have some cool and funny stuff that outranks many other websites. Provides a nice comedian experience, with a variety of categories and video that keeps user entertain in the best possible way.

Some of the hot features include games, videos, television, and science. This website can be considered a good alternative to Buzzfeed.


This website is considered as the best competitor of Buzzfeed, containing some really cool articles with, Life television and entertainment, and Hilarious as the top categories, grabbing its roots more and more in the industry.

Reviews about movies and shows are another strong area. Besides all the amazing weird stuff it offers I personally like the top Ten list section. This section contains some mind-blowing articles that need to visit. I would here recommend users to have a look at the website, let us know whether it provides the same experience as Buzzfeed doses.


As mentioned earlier, when you talk about the media giants cannot be left out. They have become such an important part of the news. Get news around the world along with the latest and breaking news on its website articles.

Read the top stories if you are short of time. Special reports, videos, images, articles, and photos make it stand out from the rest of the sharing sites.

Get business, sports, health, entertainment, fashion news from a single interface. Read it’s an in-depth analysis and inside stories to view both sides of the picture. Frequently updated the website with the latest from around the globe don’t let you miss anything.


If you love celebrity gossips and want to know secret stories about your favorite celebrities then gawker is tailor-made for you. Gawker focuses posts more on gossips that cater to the niche by adding celebrity flavor. Does it have a brilliant tagline that says Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news which tells a lot about their gossip focused site?


When you are talking about news about how you can leave reliable publications out of the game? Well, you can’t.

Want to know the news in detail, head over to wired.com, and dive into in-depth coverage that could show you the other side of the picture that other print and electronic media sources can’t. Know about the latest trends in shopping, fashion, entertainment, viral content from this reliable source.


One of the most extensive, reliable, and oldest sources is distributing news like it should be done since 1923 “interesting”. Many of you might be familiar with Times magazines but might not have visited its website. If you have not done yet, do it now.

You will be surprised to see the number of news categories on offer. Not only that, but there is a separate section for breaking news to keep you informed about them as it breaks. You can read the analysis on this website.

Tech news and reviews, politics, entertainment, sports, health, science, the world are just a few categories. You can read a blog, see the pictures and videos. It offers an all-round experience that very website on the web could match up with. For all of the sites, you have to enter an email address.