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How to Successfully Apply for a UK Sponsorship License ─ 2024 Guide

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Emigrating to a foreign country is quite common in this day and age. We can see that people move much easier than ever before. Even though it’s much easier than it has ever been, it is important to point out that there are procedures you should go through before you can get the documents that will allow the migration. Naturally, there are a couple of sorts of visas you can apply for.

The one you will apply for depends on a couple of elements. For instance, if you are about to get married to a person who is a holder of citizenship, then you would apply for a fiancée visa.

If you are about to move to work in a certain industry, then chances are you are about to apply for a skilled worker sponsor license. When you know that, it is more than clear that this is quite a complex procedure.

It is something we can say about practically every procedure of this sort. Naturally, only a licensed company can issue a document like this. So, the applicant needs to go through the procedure and provide the necessary documentation before the procedure is complete. Today, we want to provide you with this story in greater detail. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Basics

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Initially, we want to talk about what a UK sponsor license is. We are talking about a process where the registered employer offers a chance to a foreign worker to come to the country and work for the company. If you take a look at the report from the last year, you will see that only in 2021 there were more than 33k licensed sponsors on this list. Just taking a look at this number alone will tell you a lot.

Nowadays, the regulation is a bit different than it was just a couple of years ago. We all know the story about Brexit. As a result of that, we can see that this also goes for the citizens of the European Union. Before that, the situation was completely different and the citizens of the European Union didn’t require any sort of documentation to come to the country and work. The situation now is widely different.

But the situation stayed the same for the vast majority of the world. For instance, you will see that numerous applicants came from India. What is even more important to say is that the same goes for most of the countries that are members of the Commonwealth. So, if you are a person who wants to make a career in the United Kingdom, the right way to go is to apply for a UK sponsorship license in correlation with your employer.

How to Apply for It?

Now, we want to provide you with some tips on how to successfully apply for a UK sponsorship license.

The Requirements

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Before you even apply, you should understand what the requirements are. The first one is to genuine, operate, and trade lawfully in the United Kingdom. The applying organization should be based in the United Kingdom for them to ask for the additional workforce. Otherwise, it is not possible to expect such a service from government institutions. The next one is not being a threat to immigration control.

What does this mean? Well, it means that the company’s intentions regarding hiring additional members of the staff are genuine, not just for the sake of individuals moving into the country. Naturally, the institution will check the process a couple of times before it is approved. Also, the company should have a competent HR system that will control the obligations required by the institution.

The businesses that are applying for a sponsor license should be as genuine as possible. There are a couple of main requirements that determine whether this is the case. For instance, the company should be organized into a certain category. For example, it should be organized as LLP, LTD, PLC, or as a sole trader. Even though this may not seem like something crucial, we want to say that it is crucial.

Needed Documents

As is the case with practically any procedure related to government institutions, both employers and employees should provide the right documents. For the company to provide that it is genuine, it is important to provide a couple of important documents, such as a bank statement, evidence of premises, a VAT certificate, and the employer’s liability insurance.

The procedure for submitting these documents requires being worked on within the proper timeframe. We are talking about the five working days after the application was submitted online.

Also, some other documents may be required. Sometimes, the very nature of the applicant and his future work in the United Kingdom will determine some further required documents.

Carrying out the Duties

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Last but not least, we want to discuss the capability of carrying out sponsor license duties. When you take a look at it, you will see that there are two main duties a holder should maintain.

The first one is to keep the record-keeping duties, and the second one is to report the duties. Record-keeping duties consist of keeping all the documents in a proper condition such as the passport.

When it comes to reporting duties, the company needs to report the arrival of a new member of the staff during the first ten working days. We cannot stress just how important this is.

Furthermore, it is important to say that the company must provide the necessary changes to the company, if they are needed, of course. As you can see, conducting these is essential.


Applying for a UK sponsorship license doesn’t have to be a nightmarish process. In some situations, you will see that the applicant can resolve the situation without any issues, but on the other hand, it may require a lot of elements involved in this whole procedure.

Here, we’ve addressed practically all you need to make it successful. We are certain you will find this insight useful.