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Tarisland ─ The Second Beta Test Overview

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Welcome to Tarisland – a unique world full of mysteries and adventures! Here, each player becomes an explorer, ready to uncover the secrets of ancient ruins, walk through dense thickets of wildlife, and encounter the mysterious inhabitants of this wonderful world. Feel free to go on a journey, incredible discoveries and exciting adventures await you!

The second Tarisland Open Beta test began on November 15, 2023. This is the second showing of the MMORPG before its launch. Players got the opportunity to try out the game and get acquainted with the world, classes, and other aspects of Tarisland. The game will promise to provide an exciting experience and positive emotions.

Character Creation

Choosing a character in the game Tarisland is one of the most important moments for the player.

At the moment, in the second stage of closed beta testing, 9 classes are available to players.

Each character has two roles that can be switched between during the game: healer/damage dealer and tank/damage dealer. The game’s customization options are quite limited; you won’t be able to change your character in most details, but you must remember that the game has not been released and is under development yet.

Another drawback is the inability to choose the gender of your character. You’ll be choosing between classes that only have one gender, but the developers are correcting this issue and even released a new preview of a female paladin class.

Game Classes

At the moment, there are 9 classes available in the game, and each of them has its characteristics and role in the game.

  • Warrior (male) ─ is strong and resilient, specializing in close combat, and delivering powerful blows to enemies.
  • Barbarian Fighter – (Male) ─ An aggressive and strong warrior, capable of dealing significant damage, withstanding attacks.
  • Mage (female) ─ wields powerful magic, capable of using ranged attacks and controlling the battle.
  • Paladin (male) ─ has the strength and ability to heal allies, effective in both attack and defense.
  • Priest (female) ─ healer and protector, able to heal allies and protect them from enemies.
  • Shadowblade (male) ─ master of stealth and shadow strikes, capable of deceiving and attacking enemies.
  • Ranger (female) ─ A skilled marksman and trickster, she uses a bow and traps to defeat enemies.
  • Ghost Priestess (female) ─ wields the powers of spirits and ghosts, capable of helping allies and damaging enemies.
  • Bard (male) ─ inspires allies with his songs and melodies, and is also capable of causing damage to enemies.

Each character in the Tarisland game has six active skills and two more powerful – ultimate skills. Each class not only can deal damage or heal, but also has skills to affect multiple enemies (AOE skill) and abilities to strengthen allies or weaken enemies (buff/debuff).

Basic Game Mechanics

Tarisland, like most MMORPGs, has similar mechanics, but this is not surprising. Nowadays it is very difficult to add something new. But the quality of execution plays a big role. Tarisland can do this well. An indicator of this is the high level of player interest.

Lore and various quests

By going through various historical quests, you will be able to research the lore of the game world.

The lore of Tarisland reveals to players a unique world steeped in history and myths. It tells about ancient races, heroes and villains, about long-standing conflicts and events that determine the fate of the world. Knowledge of Lore helps to understand the depth of the world and feel its uniqueness. One of the opportunities to get acquainted with the history is quests.

Quests in Tarisland are tasks of different types. Historical quests allow you to uncover the secrets of the past and influence the future. Battle quests will test the player’s skills in battles with opponents, and resource collection tasks will help you improve your equipment. Each quest is a chance for the character to become stronger, receive rewards, and move forward along the path to glory and victory.

Research of the World

Exploration is another important mechanic in Tarisland, which involves getting to know the environment. Each location has a research scale. By collecting points you can unlock item titles, talent points, and crafting talent points. There will also be chests with useful items and local events in the locations, where you can get valuable items and resources and gain a lot of experience. Teleportation points located around the world will help you in your research.

There are currently 4 locations available in the game: Ankasha Canyon, Silverlight, Silverlight Suburb, and Misty Forest.

Dungeons and raids

One of the mechanics that many players love in such games. You and a group of players go to special locations where you fight with bosses. The main component of this activity is communication between players for work in a team. For this, you can receive unique rewards. As in other games, raids and dungeons have different levels of difficulty, which also affects the quality of the loot.


Crafting allows players to choose their specialty and craft a specific type of item. There are 5 crafts professions in the game that players can study: forging, jewelry making, alchemy, and handicraft. Each craft is further divided into collection, production and creation, which makes it possible to diversify the gameplay of the craft.

Game Features

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Game restrictions

In the second beta test, the maximum character level is 40, but you will not be able to get it as quickly as how you want. Some restrictions were introduced into the game that did not allow the player to take more than level 20 on the first day. A similar system also exists in story missions. Also, you will not be able to complete more than two dungeons in one day.

Voice chat and photo mode

The game allows players to record voice messages in any chat and also translate them into any available language. The system does not work perfectly, but it allows you to understand the necessary information.

Photo mode allows you to create beautiful pictures in the game and save them to your computer. This can be useful for creating gaming content or capturing important gaming moments.

Will boost services work with Tarisland?

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Although the game has not been officially released yet. Tarisland boost services are already actively preparing for its release. Tarisland boosting service will help you pump up your character to the maximum level, complete difficult raids or certain bosses for you, unlock new powerful equipment, or solve other difficult or time-consuming tasks, allowing you to enjoy the game.


Tarislant promises to be an interesting game, which, will be similar to other games in this genre, but introducing several changes and improvements. The developers are constantly working to improve the game, taking into account player feedback and introducing new ideas.