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3 Reasons Why TBC Is The Best WoW Expansion of All Time

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The players who have been playing WoW from its vanilla days can tell you assuredly that it formed much of their childhood. WoW till date remains one of the most influential MMORPGs and nothing can come close to the impact it has had on starting the RPG genre. WoW didn’t become famous overnight.

Blizzard, their developers, worked day and night to create the game and improve it with each successive updateAnd along those updates came various game expansions that only served to make the game better by including new and exciting features and improving those that were already in it.

Throughout WoW’s history, there have been various expansions that have taken WoW to the next level like Wrath of the Lich King (WoLK) to Mists of Pandaria (MoP). However, even before all these expansions came and enhanced WoW’s world, there was one expansion that permanently changed the game and set in motion the improvements that we see today. 

The Burning Crusade is one of the most underrated expansions in terms of importance. A majority of WoW’s players came after the expansion was released and consider the expansion they started the game in to be the best. Since TBC was the second expansion of WoW, there weren’t really many players to experience it. And even compared to other expansions, TBC feels underwhelming in terms of content if you don’t know its importance. 

With TBC’s re-release planned this year in 2024, many new players are looking forward to experiencing the expansion that started it all and according to CoinLooting, this re-release just might be the most anticipated one in recent years. There is a good reason for that, TBC being one of the most influential and best WoW expansions of all time and in this article, we’ll tell you exactly why. 

1. TBC started it all

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The Burning Crusade was actually the first expansion of WoW if you don’t count the vanilla game as an expansion itself. That’s why it is one of the most important and significant expansions of WoW history, not in terms that it added to the game a lot more features, classes, spells, and dungeons (which, honestly, it did a pretty good job with), but in terms of improving the previous versions and being a setting stone for all the upcoming expansions. 

We’ll be honest with you – even though the vanilla game was immensely fun and everyone had a hell of a time with it, all vanilla players would single-handedly agree that the code was glitchy, there were too many broken factors, and the world only had so many things to do before you ran out of ideas. There was a need for something more, something exciting that will get the WoW drive into action again, something that was never seen before…something like an expansion. 

Blizzard brought TBC as an expansion, which not only served as an update to the original game but also added much more new content, bosses, and dungeons. Blizzard wanted to see how their player base would react and boy, did they react vigorously. The expansion was an instant hit and all the players loved it which brought more newcomers to the game to try it out.

This made Blizzard realize that they should release more expansions and in the coming years, to date, they have been doing exactly that. In essence, it wouldn’t be too wrong to say that TBC was the expansion that started it all and there is no questioning that. 

2. TBC fixed the broken features of the vanilla game 

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All WoW vanilla players will tell you one thing – as amazing and lovely as the game was, it was broken and very glitchy. Priests could one-shot everyone with a glitched spell, team raids had members over the limit, the game felt like you had to grind a lot to get good gear, and classes and specs were confined to a very set range of limits, not offering the player a chance to be versatile and unique with their gameplay. TBC literally fixed all of this.

It added more classes and made them each have their own benefits and roles, the story was improved so the game didn’t feel like a grind or a chore, dungeons were designed better and the crafting was also made much, much better. These features made the game from good to amazing, attracting more players towards it. The TBC expansion was the best because it fixed all the glitches of the game which made it possible for other expansions to come.

3. TBC added a ton of new features and gameplay

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If nothing else, TBC’s greatness can be summed up in two words – flying mounts. The ability to fly across the world of warcraft was an amazing feeling and even though they were hard to get, it made players work harder to get them. It also polished the PvP section of the game with additions like arenas that actually made it fun to play it. 

TBC added new bosses like Kael’thas Sunstrider, Illidan the boss of the Black temple, and M’uru who still gives veteran WoW players nightmares. These bosses weren’t that hard to defeat, far from it they aren’t even slightly in the league of today’s bosses but at that time it was immensely rewarding to defeat them.

That’s because they introduced new boss mechanics and play styles that weren’t seen in the vanilla WoW game which forced players to be innovative and creative with their approach to defeating them. The end result after the boss fight? Pure satisfaction that cannot be summed up in words.

These features inspired a host of youtube channels, a community that still grows to this day, and mechanics that were so ahead of their time they didn’t need changing and are still untouched to date. If a WoW player was irked (a rare occurrence) because the game felt bland, he would probably start playing again after TBC came out. TBC was that good. 


Many modern WoW players greatly underestimate the significance of the TBC expansion in WoW history and this article was a guide to change that belief. We hope you liked this article and if you did, please consider following us for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.