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Tips for Feeding Your Large or Giant Breed Dog

For some dogs, it’s as simple as placing some food in a bowl at meal times. They’re comfortable eating off of the floor and will face little effect on their health. This isn’t the case for large and giant dogs.

There are several things to consider when feeding our large canine companions. It may not be easy for them to stoop down and eat off the floor. They require more food and large meals may make them ill.

These breeds are also more susceptible to bloat. It’s important that they eat at a slower pace and that they don’t ingest too much air.

Bloat is a medical emergency and you should seek help from a vet right away if you suspect it. You can check out our blog post that goes more in-depth about what bloat is and how to prevent it.

So, let’s take a look at making mealtimes healthier and more comfortable for our canine companions.

Use a Puzzle Bowl To Slow Eating

A bowl like our Fenrir Puzzle Bowl will help slow down eating. These specially designed bowls have raised ridges that create a ‘maze.’

Your dog will have to pick the kibble from the bowl a few pieces at a time. They won’t be able to take big bites of food where they also gulp down extra air.

This helps reduce the risk of bloat and it also promotes good eating habits.

Your dog is much less likely to overeat or eat too much at once and vomit because their stomach has time to signal to their brain that they should stop.

Feed Small Meals More Frequently

Our large and giant breeds have big appetites. A lot of them are also high-energy or working breeds meaning that they have and use a lot of energy during the day.

Feeding your dog enough for their size and activity level is part of keeping them happy and healthy.

However, since these dogs do require a lot of food, it’s best to feed them two to three times a day instead of giving them one large meal.

Imagine that instead of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you had a gigantic breakfast. You probably wouldn’t feel very good afterward.

You’d have an upset stomach and might even become ill.

It’s the same for your dog.

You can feed them an appropriate amount of food but spread out over the day. It will help to keep them full without making them ill.

Try a Raised Bowl for Comfortable Eating

This is especially important for older dogs with arthritis or younger dogs with developing joints. Stooping down to eat creates a lot of stress on the joints which can cause pain or developmental problems.

A raised bowl will allow your dog to comfortably eat from their dish. They won’t have to stoop or lay down while eating.

This can also help improve eating habits as there won’t be extra strain on their digestive system while eating, because they won’t need to bend or lie down on their stomach.