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Top 7 RuneScape Players Of All Time – 2024 Guide

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Playing RuneScape can make you a cyber celebrity, and this is precisely what people we are going to talk about today managed. In the article below, you have the top 7 RuneScape players of all time -2020 guide. If you re into this game, you’ll notice that some things never change.

1. The Old Nite

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What The Old Nite did wasn’t an easy task. Topping the RS lists for long stints is one of his most outstanding achievements. In the early years of this game, he was easily one of the best players next to Zezima and lil euphy 88. Unfortunately, the reason why he’s not one of the best players today is his early demise. It was his sister who broke the news in 2006 that The Old Nite passed away due to illness caused by colon cancer. His account is safeguarded at the request of his wife and son.

He was a hot-shot among older players who remember him as a player who had no issues conversing with other players of similar rank. In 2009 his password was leaked, which caused the game publisher to lock his account on a permanent basis. Despite his early death, this player would always be remembered as the one who reached all 99’ before anyone else. The gaming community and Jagex, the creator of this game, gave him respect where it was due, and today he has a hill dedicated to him on the level 13 wilderness. His name remains a mystery even today, which is fine, as his legend is well known.

2. Woox


Woox, also known as Woox16, is a true RuneScape legend. His extraordinary bossing skills have made him a household name in the game. Woox’s ability to tackle some of the most challenging encounters in RuneScape is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Whether it’s soloing difficult bosses or leading his team through complex raids, Woox’s gameplay is a masterclass in strategy and precision. A player who certainly spent tons of Runescape gold for his ventures. His dedication, innovation, and unwavering determination have solidified his status as one of the greatest players in RuneScape history. Woox continues to captivate and inspire the community with his exceptional skills and remarkable achievements.

3. Lynx Titan

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Lynx Titan, also known as Forsberg888, is a RuneScape player who has achieved unparalleled success. Known for his incredible dedication and an unwavering pursuit of perfection, Lynx Titan holds the record for the highest total level in Old School RuneScape. His remarkable journey from a dedicated player to reaching the pinnacle of skill levels is a testament to his unwavering commitment and exceptional work ethic. Lynx Titan’s accomplishments have set him apart as one of the most respected and revered players in the RuneScape community. His dedication and achievements continue to inspire players to push their limits and strive for greatness in the game.

4. N0valyfe

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It is not easy being the number one player in RuneScape. It is even harder to achieve this feat playing next to the probably the GOAT – Zezima. N0valyfe did precisely this and thus managed to become a part of this list. After attaining this unbelievable feat, the man known as Jordan stepped away from the game, which is the primary reason he is not well known today by new players. The reason he was quickly forgotten is that he was only active for two years, from 2004 to 2006. After his retirement other players took the mantle, and he was soon part of the past.

Once he started playing seriously, N0valyfe managed to rose to level 2178, which was quite a feat back then, mainly because he had no prior experience in playing RuneScape classic. Despite being one of the premium players, Jordan felt that the game was taking too much out of his real life, and that is why he retired. He had a brief comeback in 2010 when he did the Dungeoneering, but it was a short spell, and after 2011 when he was hacked, we no longer hear from him.

5. S U O M I

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This name will ring in the halls of RuneScape as the achievements behind it are immeasurable. A player to have 200 million experience in every skill while being the first one to do it SUOMI is something else. This is not all; SUOMI was also the one to break the four and five billion overall experience. It was all made possible by starting early. This player was active even back in 2001. Most people in his surroundings did it, so the competition started early for him. The name he chooses means Finland, as the player is a big fan of the natural landscapes of this Nordic country.

In his early days, SUOMI was inspired by big names such as Zezima and JebBram. The early days weren’t easy as he faced a lack of desire to compete and a large number of scammers made him quit more than once. In 2011 SUOMI ranked 5th overall with more than 2 billion experience points and a total level of 2,496. With his remarkable achievements, he was to visit game publisher Jagex, which was canceled due to SUOMI criticizing the game creators on his YouTube channel.

6. Yogosun

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Two hundred million in three different skills is not an easy feat in RuneScape, and Yogosun was the first to do it. He goes by the name Johan real world, but his name in RS is the only one important to the veterans of this game. This player from Sweden was first for four months on overall scores. All of his achievements were well documented on his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, his channel is no more as it was hacked, and all of the videos he had would have been part of RuneScape history are now lost.

A fun story was the one about his beginnings when he was a football player in Sweden, where all of his friends were into RS but were calling it run-escape. After this first encounter, he became a regular player, but the one who claims that plays for fun and not to achieve the No1 rank. But thanks to a summoning, he did accomplish this feat back in 2008. His highest level in 2011 was 2496, but he continued playing after reaching this peak, and today he stands at 2595. The one reason why he wanted to quit permanently was the constant string of updates made by Jagex that made the game no longer appealing.

7. Zezima

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Zezima is the most polarizing player this game ever had. By far, he is a name that is known far from the game of RuneScape. Cartoon Network even declared him as a role model back in 2007. Jagex even recognized him as a player above all else and gave him a golden gnome for lifetime achievement. To date, Zezima is the only player that has been ranked no1 overall in stints that lasted for years. But, everything must come to an end, and Zezima no longer plays, as he feels his achievements are made worthless by Jagex, who constantly updates the game. His actual name is Peter, while Zezima is his last name.

Zezima was on top for quite long, but he didn’t manage to monetize his success in this game or on YouTube. It was noted by one of his friends that after 15 years of playing RuneScape, he could have made money of it. It is claimed that he now works on a regular job and is in his mid-thirties with nothing to show for.


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