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Top 6 Hemp Strains You Can Find in 2024

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The medical industry is making progress each day. People are dealing with different health issues and they are desperate to find solutions. Because of that, scientists work hard every day to give them the necessary help. However, it seems that Mother Nature also participates in providing help. No one in the world believed that CBD strains will become a powerful medicine.

More precisely, this was a taboo subject for a long period. People believed that CBD is nothing more than a narcotic. You can find some of them that still have the same opinion. However, the lack of quality information is the reason why people make the wrong conclusions. Fortunately for you, you came to the right place to expand your knowledge.

Not so long ago, people could not even pronounce the word of cannabidiol. We agree, this truly is a tough word. Yet, understanding how CBD can help you can also be complex. It can bring benefits to all aspects of your life.

Let’s say a couple of words about hemp before we get started. As you might know, the plant Cannabis Sativa has two primary species – marijuana and hemp. This is the reason why people connected these two things. Indeed, both things contain CBD, but hemp contains a much higher percentage compared to marijuana. Despite that, the levels of THC are always less than 0.3%. In other words, you won’t get “high” by consuming it. On the other hand, marijuana contains much more THC and much less CBD

Believe it or not, there are around 400 different types of hemp strains. In this article, we will only talk about the top hemp strains. Well, collecting different pieces of information will help you make the right conclusions. Because of that, let’s find out the top hemp strains together.

1. Oregon OG

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Well, you probably understand how this type of hemp strain got the name. It was primarily bred in this Pacific Northwest region. Believe it or not, this hemp strain contains 13% of CBD. On the other hand, it has only 0.3 percentages of THC. These numbers confirm the statement that we previously analyzed.

People use it in different ways, but there is a common one that we would like to suggest. The important thing to know is that Oregon OG contains herb’s strong resemblance to basil. Because of this “feature”, many people use it into pasta sauces. In other words, Oregon OG won’t only improve your health. It will also improve the taste of your meals. This is a great one for the bongs that you can find at everythingfor420.com

2. Special Sauce Premium

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There is a good reason why this sort of hemp strain contains the world “special”. It is different from others because of its high terpene profile. It might seem surprising, but there are more than 15 different terpenes in a standard Special Sauce.

Many users will confirm that Special Sauce Premium has an exotic floral taste. You will have the opportunity to enjoy that taste because of several different compounds. For instance, it comes with compounds such as fenchol, phytol, and farnesene. Fenchol is a compound that you can find in camphor. On the other hand, farnesene is something you can find in apple skin. Finally, phytol is a substance that we can only find in chlorophyll. You probably understand now why you can expect an exotic floral taste.

In the end, we need to say it contains between 14% and 19% of CBD. This depends on several different factors. Of course, the percentage of THC is low and it is always 0.3%. Don’t worry, you won’t get high by using it.

3. The Wife

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We are sure that the name of this hemp strain seems a bit silly. However, the story about it is quite interesting. More precisely, scientists do not know a lot about this type. First of all, we do not know anything about genetics. Yet, the good thing is that we know the ratio between CBD and THC. Believe it or not, the ratio is 20:1. You won’t find stronger strain in the entire CBD industry.

Strong fruity aromatics is the reason why this type of strain is so popular among people. The specific characteristics will give all the users a balanced and soothing effect.

4. Elektra

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This strain is a combination of Early Resin Berry and ACDC. In most cases, users will highlight its piney aromatics. Despite that, you will surely notice fruit hints and lime when using it. Its effect is usually balanced, but many users say that you can use it in any part of the day. The percentage of Cbd that Elektra contains is 16%. Because of that, you can be sure to get an energizing effect.

5. Sour Space Candy

Source: drganja.com

We believe it is hard to find a person that does not like different sorts of candies. Yet, this is the one that will surely boost your mental and physical health. Sour Space Candy is a mix of Early Resin Berry and Sour Tsunami. Because of this combination, the hemp strain has the pungent aromatics.

Whichever previous user you ask, all of them will describe these strains in two words. Those two words are “gasoline” and “citrusy”. It is a perfect choice for those that need an energizing effect on social occasions. The percentage of CBD content is 19, while the THC content is at 0.3%


Source: mjgeeks.com

No, we are not talking here about the bend. However, this hemp strains truly are a rock star in a unique way. It is one of the strongest CBD strains that you can find on the market with 20% of CBD content. The aroma you can expect here is earthy, fruity, and skunk. We are sure that using products based on this hemp strain will completely relax you.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Stop Researching

Okay, we highlighted only a couple of them that are the most popular ones. Yet, there is a huge number of them that you should research as well. You might want to check CBDFlower USA to get more information. It is a reliable source that brings reliable pieces of information. We already said that educating yourself about all aspects of the CBD industry is the most important thing. You won’t get confused by the different options that we can all hear every day.