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How Deal with Trash Talking Poker Players – 2024 Guide

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In the world of poker, it’s not a surprise to encounter someone who has an extreme talent for the game, on the other hand, some are constantly losing. The losing kind always finds an excuse in the lack of happiness, but the reality is different. There is a very good reason why a selected few is constantly good at the game as if they can understand something that needs to be done. They keep rising from the ashes, no matter what. This makes you think about what are those key values of a successful player? When you ask professionals players, they will tell you that three main characteristics are needed for success in the game, and those are intelligence, discipline, self-confidence. They’ll also tell you that if you lack at least the characteristics, you’ll have challenges in being successful.

What they constantly hide, however, is a secret strategy nobody mentions, but that usually works. The trash-talking. Not all players use it, but the majority do, and trash-talking has always been an integral part of the game. With the development of online platforms, you would think you’ll be isolated from this, but no. The chat option is there, therefore, the trash talk continues. It’s exactly why this article is aiming at advising you how to deal with the trash-talking poker players and avoid being distracted. Here’s a couple of tips.

Stay calm

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Easier said than done, yes. And it also requires some training, since poker is a money game. However, it’s a lot easier to stay calm, when you know someone will try the trash talk strategy on you, in other words, you’re expecting it to happen. Concentration and awareness are the keys. Avoid reacting automatically. Don’t fall into a trap to start talking back, replying to the insult with insult, followed by a kick on the table, shouting, and so on.

The wisest thing to do is to say absolutely nothing. Simply, be silent and concentrate on your game. It will give you the time to quickly analyze what’s behind the trash-talking, because it may be the frustration caused by losing, which can put you at an advantage. Remaining calm, avoiding to react automatically also gives you the advantage to respond.

Show dignity

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The first advice to stay calm and not react results in having dignity. What it means is to never give the trash-talking opponent what they want – a response to the provocation.

What is behind the trash talk strategy in poker? Simple. It’s finding your weak spot to throw you out of balance, so you can’t focus on the game anymore. The trash talkers crave your quick, unaware reaction. To see you lose it completely, to see your rage, your escape, to uncover your weak spots in front of all players. Once you buy it, you’re done. They want you to play along because it puts them in an advantage over you, it’s how they feed on you. So, again, don’t buy it. Avoid showing any kind of emotion. No crying, no anger, no blushing, not talking back, no smiling. Be cold as ice.

Use humor

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If the first two strategies fail and you feel like you have to talk back, then use humor as a response to their trash talk. Don’t expect this to be easy, to fight back with humor, you need some experience and skills. To have a good vocabulary, charisma, and quick thinking to be able to turn the whole story into an amusement show.

But be careful. Not every humor will be adequate. When someone provokes you with trash talk, using an inappropriate joke, and you respond in the same style, you’ve achieved nothing.

Instead, think of a joke that’s not insulting to the trash talker, to prove you’re a couple of levels above. This will have the best effect of confusing the talker completely. Even better is to respond with an even bigger joke on your behalf. This will confuse them completely; they won’t know what hit them. It’s the I don’t care about style. Showing off your flaws like something you laugh about yourself, will make them lose their arguments… they won’t have any more bullets to shoot you with.

While some may interpret calmness as a weakness as well, humor is way better in showing all the players at the table that you’re in control and they shouldn’t mess with you.

Be polite to the rude, because they need it the most

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Objectively take a look at the situation and reaction of the opponents who trash-talk, and you reply politely. It raises you above this low frequency, and that’s a fact. When you rise above what’s happening, there is no chance to be thrown off balance and be insulted. What more, your politeness can even be spiced up with a little bit of love and understanding towards the talker. It’s that famous saying – love thy enemy.

Like everything, this is also a two-sided coin. Opponents trash-talk at you to throw you off the table, or because they feel insecure, then provoke you, then you pity them, and then they become very angry about it.

Turn off the chat function

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There’s a magic function you can use to avoid trash-talk, on platforms for online playing such as Uusimmatkasinot and it’s the “turn off chat” function. This is the advantage of playing online poker. You have the ability to distance yourself from the noises made by trash-talkers. It’s not that you can escape them, because of the chat function, but simply turning it off, gives you enough peace to concentrate on your game. Nothing that affects the quality of your game is worth your attention.

Live table games make it hard to distance yourself from the trash-talk, which is why playing online is a blessing for those who enjoy poker. You’ve probably seen that some of the platforms started broadcasting live poker sessions, from world-famous casinos. This is excellent for those who miss the atmosphere and also enables you to mute other players.