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6 Types of Jackpot Games in Online Casinos

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The term “jackpot” instantly draws the attention of millions of gamblers worldwide, mainly since this is the No. 1 primary goal for most individuals. But, of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, winning money is the motive behind most people’s gambling, and nothing evokes the sensation of winning cash like the word jackpot.

There are a lot of gambling hubs like Slothunter Casino on the market these days, and this entails that each platform must do all possible to attract new players. One of the most effective strategies is to talk about jackpots because it implies huge rewards are available.

1. Fixed Jackpots

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Slots that have a predetermined jackpot are known as cash pot slots. They’re intended to keep the jackpot payout at a certain level if many players attempt to win it, regardless of whether or not they win. Unfortunately, fixed jackpots are the most lucrative prizes available for slot machine players, making them difficult to obtain. Matching five rare or wild symbols in a game is an example of this criterion.

A fixed jackpot is not guaranteed money, as many experienced players know. That is because there are several things to consider, such as a high wager usually meaning better odds of winning. A bigger fixed jackpot also often comes with a higher bonus – in some casinos, the maximum winnings are $50 000, but you have to bet $1000 to be eligible.

2. Progressive Jackpots

Top online casinos often have such games in separate sections because they are super popular. The odds of snatching such a jackpot are fantastic compared to common challenges. The larger the sum wagered by players, the more money will be added to the prize pool and, therefore, the higher your chances of winning it.

The contribution to a bet that goes towards the jackpot is occasionally called a meter. If this jackpot lays unclaimed for an extended period, it will attract more people to play it to win its staggering amount. Consequently, the longer it remains unclaimed, the faster this increase will be.

Progressive jackpots typically have three themes- easy, no-deposit, and dragon. Easy jackpots are the smallest but also easiest to win. No deposit allows you only to claim your prize if you play within a set timeframe. Finally, dragon jackpots go to the player with the highest score when the contest period is over.

3. Local Jackpots

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Local jackpots are paid out from a player’s bets within an online or land-based casino and usually come from slot machines. There is a limit to the sum of money you can bet on these machines. Hence, local jackpots tend to have lower payouts than progressive jackpots.

Most local jackpots have a maximum payout of $500-$4000. However, even though the payouts are lower, the odds of winning are also higher for local jackpots than for progressive ones.

4. Network Jackpots

The minimum jackpot is determined by the game and settings you choose. Though its payout may be relatively low, if you pick the right match and jackpot setting, you could get a lucrative payout.

Multi-way jackpots work similarly to networked but have extra features that benefit players. For instance, you win the main jackpot and other associated prizes when playing in a multi-way pot. That means increased excitement while playing and better odds of winning overall.

5. Mystery Jackpots

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With mystery slots, players must correctly guess the jackpot symbols and cash value of a slot game before they can finish a column or row of symbols. Since the characters in each column and row are correct and sequential, this can be pretty challenging! There is no cost to play mystery slots, but there is undoubtedly an opportunity to win big prizes.

The chances of winning these slots are 84 percent. The most common free slot game is the Free Spins Spin, in which players are given a free spin to use daily.

6. Linked Jackpots

Jackpots that are interlinked between different games, or even the same game in other casinos, provide an opportunity for every qualifying bet to win.

A linked jackpot is frequently found in online casinos that employ the same software provider because they are connected. Nonetheless, each casino may have varying minimum qualifying stake requirements. Therefore, thinking of alternative methods to make money in these tough economic times is a good idea. When it comes to combining pleasure with money-making, the following jackpots are among your best options.


Online slots are the most popular online casino game, and virtually all of the top jackpots have emerged from this category. However, the jackpot is a significant prize that must be achieved once to win the entire pot, as the name implies.