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Types of Sexual Pleasure That Go Beyond Penetration

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Connecting with someone, getting intimate, having a good time, and enjoying all the wonderful sensations that pleasure provides is the desire of almost every individual in the world.

The pleasure and happiness hormones, as they are popularly known – dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, and oxytocin – generate all those feelings of joy, connection, and well-being. No wonder it is also popularly said that when a person is in a bad mood it is probably because they are “not having sex”.

However, it is a mistake to think that when it comes to exploring pleasure the subject is simple… Sexual enjoyment has many nuances according to the expert female escorts in Cairns (https://au.skokka.com/escorts/canberra/) and, although it is often associated with penetration, in reality, that is not exactly what happens.

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Taken in a social context, perhaps a parallel can be drawn with the importance that men have always given to their sexual organs. There are those who, for example, still faithfully believe that their partner’s pleasure and enjoyment will be determined by the size and thickness of his member and/or the time and intensity of penetration.

But to what extent is this true? Skokka as a leader among adult portals knows very well that sexuality has many nuances, and therefore with the help of the most beautiful Wollongong escorts will discuss more in-depth the subject of sexual pleasure, which surely transcends penetration.

According to the linguistic definition, the word Pleasure (from Latin placere) refers to the experience in which one feels good, which implies the enjoyment of something.

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In other words, pleasure is a state of contentment, delight, and joy…

Pleasure is experienced when one meets a loved one whom one has not seen for a long time when one feels at ease when eating tasty food when one takes a dip in the sea on a hot day… when one hugs, kisses, or even look at the person one loves and admires. Pleasure is very broad.

And when it comes to the sexual sphere it could not be different. There are many ways to feel it without penetration and this is what will be discussed below.

Sex and its nuances

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Pleasure can and should be aroused and felt in many different ways, and the various ways of exploring sexual enjoyment create even greater trust and bonding between partners who share these moments according to the professional escorts in Brisbane.

Talk openly and often

Tell each other what turns both of you on and what areas of the body give the most pleasure, explore every part of the partner’s body, and rediscover the passion.

For women, in particular, verbal and imaginative stimulation and foreplay often work very well, because while men are more visual, women are more sensory and can reach orgasm even through the power of words.

Focus on whole body exploration

Erotic massages with oils, giving and receiving satisfaction, kissing every corner of the partner’s curves, and being present in the moment (concentrating on what you feel, hear and do…) are key elements to maximize and bring out the full potential of the sexual encounter.

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Delayed orgasm

In the world of Tantra, the idea of delaying orgasm is a fundamental part of the whole experience of pleasure. Remaining in a heightened state of arousal and backing off or delaying orgasm can intensify climax.

This practice can be done as a couple or alone, at the time of individual masturbation, in order to better understand the body’s particular response.

Enjoy and provoke

Kisses on the mouth, on the neck, on the most erogenous zones such as the nipples, or on any other part of the body without a script, simply relaxing and seeing where it leads, body caresses, genitals, rubbing it… whatever the imagination allows are ways of canalizing the energy and pleasure in the moment.

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Use of sexual accessories

Stimulators, sexual board games, reading of erotic stories, champagne, chocolate, whipped cream all over the body…. crossing of glances…

There is often a false belief that penetration is necessary to reach orgasm, and this is not the case. Not penetrating at the desired moment can sometimes even lead to a more intense climax, because by enduring so much desire, what is produced is a physical explosion of pleasure.

Another advantage of exploring pleasure without penetration is that there is no possibility of unwanted pregnancy and the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases is reduced, although the use of condoms is still highly recommended for total safety.

There are many alternatives to explore sexual pleasure and increase enjoyment, not to mention how it increases trust, and love and strengthens sexuality between partners. Why not give it a try?