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Navigating the UK Global Business Mobility Visa: Costs and Requirements

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The global pandemic of COVID-19 had an enormous impact on the global way of life. Everyone saw sayings about how nothing will be the same again. However, we can see that this sentence meant something completely different from its original meaning. The biggest changes occurred in how we do business today. Those who followed the economic indicators know that many businesses couldn’t survive the effects.

Even though the pandemic is officially over, many businesses struggle to survive in the current environment. Yet, times of crisis always represent an opportunity for the bravest individuals who are not afraid to make brave steps toward success. Many don’t know that alongside COVID-19, the UK leaving the European Union had a massive impact on the workforce in the country. It is a completely different condition right now.

But that doesn’t mean that the situation cannot be helped. One of the ways to resolve problems that have pilled up is for foreign companies to set up offices within the United Kingdom. That was the birth of the global business mobility visa UK concept. Even though this is relatively new, it provided the local economy with significant benefits. That is why we think it is crucial to understand this concept fully.

What are the Requirements?

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We first want to discuss the requirements for getting this visa. The candidate must be an adult, which means that they are older than 18. Furthermore, the individual must be employed by the company interested in branching out to the United Kingdom. But this is not all. The candidate must work for the company for at least a year, and it needs to have a certain salary level. That way, the company will prove the candidate’s reliability and importance to the team.

Furthermore, the company must apply for this visa and receive a certificate of sponsorship. We are talking about the document issued by the sponsor from within the country. Of course, we are talking about the native company with an office in the UK. Furthermore, the job position must be genuine. Sure, many are interested in getting a visa to come to the country by using illegal meanings trying to scam the system.

The candidate must have a salary to ensure that living within the country will not be a problem. The candidate will not need to ask for public funds to survive living in the country. Besides that, having capital that will ensure safety before receiving the first paycheck is a must. Following all these requirements is a must. Not fulfilling just one of them will lead to the application being rejected.

Specialist Worker

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Another aspect we want to discuss is known as the specialist worker. In this case, the candidate is a specialist working in the company’s headquarters in a foreign country. What does that mean? Well, it is rather simple. The candidate works as a part of the managerial staff and is crucial for the system’s overall functionality. You will agree these employees are important for establishing overseas offices.

Furthermore, this global business mobility channel is not that different from the concept that used to be active until recently. We are talking about Intra-Company Transfer. Therefore, businesses will be well-accustomed to the conditions and fulfill them without investing too much effort. But that doesn’t mean fulfilling all the requirements is not a walk in the park. It requires significant preparation on both the company’s and the candidate’s behalf.

The time specialized workers can spend in the United Kingdom varies from case to case. Generally speaking, the applicant can spend five years in the country within six years. Of course, other elements can determine whether the lengthiness will be longer or shorter. The company must prepare a strong case for its employer before applying for a business mobility visa. The candidate cannot do it on its own.

Secondment Worker Visa

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The next aspect we want to discuss is a secondment worker visa. It means the candidate is not among the top-tier employees or within the salary cap. The visa conditions are somewhat different in this case, but not too much. For instance, the UK sponsor must have at least 50 million pound sterling worth for this application to succeed. Plus, a valid certificate of sponsorship is an absolute must.

But the most significant element to check out is the list of eligible occupations. What does this mean? The list of eligible occupations means the candidate’s specialty must be deficient in the UK. If this is not the case, the application’s chances of rejection are high. Checking this before the application is an absolute must. Otherwise, an application might result in a waste of money. Nobody likes when this happens; we can all agree on that.

Another crucial aspect is that the applicant hasn’t reached the limits of maximum total stay. If an applicant was already in the country and the limitations of this sort were breached, expecting that it is possible to renew the visa is not realistic. That’s why the employee needs to be extremely careful not to contradict any of the rules in front of the company to avoid these unpleasant situations.

How Much Does it Cost?

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When it comes to the costs of this procedure, they vary. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible to generate some average figures. There are two possible outcomes if the applicant is applying from outside the country.

If the candidate wants to spend three years in the country, then costs will be more than 600 pounds sterling per application.  If we are talking about more than three years, the price doubles. Naturally, if the applicant applies from within the country, it is reasonable to expect the costs will not be nearly as costly.

In Conclusion

UK global business mobility is among the most unique concepts we can see today. Here, you can find all the most important information about this concept. We are certain you will find it interesting and educational. Also, we have no doubt it will play a vital role in deciding in the future.