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Ultimate Roblox Guide on Getting Robux Easily 2024

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Getting some sweet Robux is great for many Robloxians as it allows you to buy that outfit you want so badly or be able to join fun game modes and spend countless hours grinding them out. It’s probably hard to find ways to get Robux legitimately.

This is because nothing is truly free and a lot of websites are built on false promises. For example, Robux generators that Roblox themselves are warning you about.

So are there actually any ways to help you increase your balance without getting your account stolen? There sure are!

Method 1 ─ Become a Videogame Fashion Designer!

Yes, you heard that right, you can design your own clothing and earn from doing so in the process. You will even learn how to photoshop and design which is always helpful! And there are many free tools available online like Gimp or Photopae. In terms of creating your own items, there are a lot of free tutorials available on YouTube that will help you to get started.

However, bear in mind that people have to be able to find their creations and actually buy them. The downside of this method is that it’s relatively easy so there are already a lot of items available. If you have good ideas and people to share it with it could actually work out and perhaps it’s worth a try!

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Method 2 ─ Create Your Own Game, or Help Others Create Theirs

Similarly to the above, Roblox allows you to create your own games. This is going to require you to have some coding experience and spend crunch hours watching YouTube tutorials. But if you have an interest in programming or game design, this can be a great way to combine earning with learning!

Though there is also a marketing layer required, perhaps you could reach out to your favorite Youtuber to give your game mode a shoutout or a try at least after you finish making it. You could even add game passes and enable private servers to these games.

On top of that, you could try to ask a group that is working on a game together if you can assist them with moderation or development. Maybe there are some tasks you can take over and receive group payouts. Unfortunately, the reward you gain is often relatively small.

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Method 3 ─ Participate in a Rewards Program

This is a somewhat risky method but there are some sites that can greatly help you get Robux. There is the official Microsoft method which has limited availability.

There is also Swagbucks which gives you the whole Roblox gift card for around 10$ and is used by countless customers with various available rewards. Another method is websites that are specialized in rewards specifically for Roblox.

These websites are usually legit as long as they don’t ask for your password. They usually claim to allow you to earn free Robux which is mostly true, as all you have to do is take surveys or download & play games.

The rewards you can get are usually quite substantial and these kinds of websites usually give out some extra promo codes and rewards to boost your earnings.

Overall rewards programs are a very effective way as long as you’re careful which sites you choose!

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Method 4 ─ Get Lucky in Giveaways

Regularly trying to find promo codes and giveaways is also still a valid method. If you’re lucky there’s a content creator or a reputable website giving away some free Robux but this can be totally random.

Also, you have to be lucky to win the giveaway in case you participate. Fortunately, entering these giveaways can be easy as it mostly just requires you to follow the person or website on their social media platforms or perhaps just leave a like and comment on their video.


At the end of the day, the easiest way to is to simply buy it. But there are still valid ways online to earn Robux in exchange for doing something. Whether you help out people making games or make them of your own, or maybe take surveys in exchange for generous rewards.

If you put in the work you can usually earn some for minimal effort. But “free” does not truly exist and it’s important to remember.