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5 Ways To Know If Your Sunglasses Are Polarized

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Polarized sunglasses are now getting popular among people these days. If you have brought sunglasses recently, you might want to know if they are polarized or not. In this article, we will provide some ways to find out the same. By gaining some helpful information about polarized sunglasses, you will effortlessly find the best one for you in the future.

There are plenty of benefits of using polarized glasses: they help reduce your eye strain and enhance your vision. We will later discuss other significant benefits in detail. It is essential to understand everything about these types of glasses before buying them. Many websites offer different types of sunglasses at affordable prices. You can read more to know about the best one among them.

For every fashion enthusiast, sunglasses are something that transforms the overall look of a person. They often recommend other people to wear glasses to look more stylish. Glasses act as a unique accessory to carry for every individual. Therefore, people prefer investing in them for various reasons. They are also helpful for people who travel a lot because they have to protect their eyes from UVA rays. These glasses are more effective for the same. Without further ado, let’s find out some reasons why it is true.

What are polarized glasses?

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Polarized sunglasses are designed in a unique way to provide people a better and clear vision. The lenses reduce the glare by balancing the contrast, brightness, color of the objects you see in the sunlight. As a result, you will be able to achieve a high-quality vision by using them. These glasses are excellent for protecting your eyes from harmful rays. If you usually suffer from eye strain, then you should try these glasses to prevent it.

How do they work?

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The science behind their impressive abilities is pretty complicated. But we will tell you about it in simple words. Whenever sunlight passes through a reflecting surface, it comes back horizontally in the same direction. This reflection is harmful to the eyes as it produces a temporary blinding glare.

The polarized lenses help absorb the sunlight and block the horizontal reflection. They only let vertical reflection pass through them. So, you will not experience blinding glare. It is not possible in other shades. There will be balanced brightness, contrast, and color when you use these shades in the sunlight.

Many people face problems like eye strain, headaches, light sensitivity, and more while using any type of sunglasses. One can effectively get rid of these eye-related problems by using polarized shades. There are different colors available in the market. You can choose a suitable one according to your preference.

What are the ways to know if your glasses have polarized lenses or not?

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If you are confused about your sunglasses’ polarization, you can check it in the following ways-

  1. Testing the polarization using a computer- For this test, you need a computer or a laptop. The screen of these devices is similar to polarized lenses. To begin the test, wear your glasses and rotate them while focusing on the screen. Look carefully for any section to become dark. When you find it, it is an indication that your lenses have polarity. You can try it right now; grab your sunglasses quickly to perform this test.
  2. Looking into the water- Another way to test the polarization is by looking into the water. These glasses can see the things present deep into the water, even in sunlight. So, you can do this test by going to a nearby water body. If you cannot see the fishes, stones in the lake, it is proof that your sunglasses have regular lenses. Always make sure that the lake’s water should be clean. Otherwise, this test will not be successful.
  3. Using Two Pairs- This is a pretty simple method to find out the polarization. You can ask your friend for another pair of shades and begin the test. First, place both the pairs against one another. After that, try looking through them. Rotate one at around 60 degrees. Did you see any difference in the overlapping area? If the answer to this question is yes, then congratulations, both pairs are polarized specs.
  4. Checking the shades’ label- Whenever you buy shades, you will find a label attached to the pair. Check the information written on the label. If it says ‘polarized,’ it is a confirmation that you have purchased polarized glasses. However, not all companies print information about polarization on their labels. In that case, you can try other methods.
  5. Make use of reflective surfaces- This is one of the most effective ways to identify these shades. All you need to find is a glossy reflective surface. Wear your specs, and then look at the surface. If your vision gets disturbed by the reflected light, then they are not polarized glasses.

What are the advantages of using polarized sunglasses?

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You can get many benefits by using polarized shades. They are as follows-

  • More comfort and clear vision- These types of shades are comfortable to wear under sunlight. They provide clear vision with balanced light, contrast, and colors. You can get rid of eye-related problems like headaches, light sensitivity, etc. Therefore, these glasses are also used in various sports. On the contrary, regular shades do not offer comfort and clear vision.
  • Better eye protection– You might already know that UV rays are harmful to the eyes. To ensure better eye protection, you should try these sunglasses. Their lenses are more potent in absorbing harmful rays to protect the retina, unlike standard lenses.
  • Helps achieve visual clarity- Visual clarity is only achieved by polarized lenses. The brightness, contrast, and colors of the objects are more balanced with these sunglasses.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we concluded that these sunglasses are beneficial in many ways. You can effectively determine if your glasses are polarized or not by the methods as mentioned earlier. We hope this article helped you in gaining some knowledge about these types of shades. You can come here again to read about it in detail.