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Web Development ─ Understanding Its Place In The Digital Marketing Industry

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What do businesses actually seek? According to Jeremy Gutsche,’’ They constantly seek to be UNIQUE.” You can’t just rely on a single segment of digital marketing to make your business stand out. There are various approaches, like SEO, PPC, web design, web development, social media, etc., to digital marketing strategy that depends on each other to accomplish meaningful outcomes.

Like any other marketing segment, web design and development would not stand alone. It is more like the aftermath of various online marketing efforts and must be treated the same way.

Developing a new website or redesigning the existing one is where your 360-degree campaign or omnichannel marketing gets an opportunity to shine, strengthening your website and bestowing at each step.

To gain better insights into what it looks like, in this blog post, experts in our digital marketing services company will be exploring the most crucial digital marketing segments that must need to work with web development.

Let’s get started

How to Ablaze Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

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Remember that without innovative digital marketing campaigns, there would not be any viral posts, no out-of-the-box social media marketing campaigns, and no actual appeal to the customers.

It’s the spark that sets the stage for your popularity!

Despite that, why would anyone spend money on your products or services if people can’t differentiate your business from your competitors? There are innumerable examples of businesses that fascinated a broad audience using genius marketing techniques.

For instance, we’ll know a white tick on a black background is analogous with Nike, a sportswear brand, and their slogan – “Just do it,” isn’t just a coincidence; it’s because of clever marketing.

Nowadays, it’s common to see creative digital marketing ideas in the form of innovative and quirky social media posts and replies. It has apparently become a modern form of entertainment and how businesses respond to customer accusations on various social platforms, etc.

So, let’s now explore how different digital marketing services should work with your web development

How Web Development Influences Digital Marketing Strategies?

So the key takeaway is that if you want to reach out to your potential customers and get them to put money into your products or services, you must combine your web development services with digital marketing.

Web Development and SEO

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It’s pretty obvious, but the majority of companies still find it hard to develop an SEO-friendly website. So, for the most part, as with any other marketing service, SEO should have a significant role in the website development process.

Whenever a new website is getting designed and developed, on-page SEO should begin simultaneously, including the technical aspects, and the essential tactics of SEO should be an integral part of your web development strategy and not a second thought.

Optimizing your web content, site map, and website architecture from the beginning means your site is all set to get you the required results once it gets launched, with the slightest changes afterward.

Web Development and PPC

The power of PPC advertising to reach customers combined with the terrific, highly informational website you’ve designed and developed will come together in the middle of your landing page.

If you’re not capitalizing on this opportunity, you’ll miss out on several things. So, when developing your website, take your PPC campaigns into consideration conversely. It’ll do wonders for your website in keeping up with prospective customers and driving new conversions.

In place of sending each one clicking on your PPC advertisement to your home page, develop personalized landing pages that integrate with your website, which will drive more conversions, and customize them according to where they’re coming from. This is an intelligent decision that will generate innovative results.

Customized landing pages are apparently an excellent way to increase conversions from PPC ads; therefore, you must consider leveraging them wherever possible.

Web Development and Social Media

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The bare minimal intent here’s to make your consumers aware of your social media presence by clearly showcasing social media buttons on your website’s web pages. Every bit of content must be effortlessly shareable on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, including social bookmarking websites using social media buttons on every page consisting of blogs, articles, videos, infographics, etc.

Social media buttons make the best call to action for lead generation, also- prompting your visitors to like or follow you on those platforms to stay up to date with your content. When performed ideally, it’ll help boost your social media efforts dramatically.

Remember that, after all, it isn’t the only place to position social media on your web pages.

Here’s one important tip:

If you’re running any contests, advertising products or services, or running any other fun social media campaigns, ensure that your visitors are aware of it!

Since these campaigns are major content for your website, thus if done correctly, these social media campaigns will help make your brand highly interactive, influential, highly human, and highly relevant!

These achievements are worth blowing your own trumpet!

Web Development and UX

Whenever you plan to design and develop a website or brand image, don’t forget your users!

Ensure that you develop a user-friendly website that will help gain more traffic. Also, you know that the website’s design dramatically impacts the user experience. Therefore, whenever you develop a website, make it easy for the user to navigate through and can click links on the website.

Make sure your website responds to user input quickly. Reduce the size of large images so that they won’t slow down your website and don’t impact user experience negatively.

Web Development and Google Analytics

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As there’s nothing of the sort of a perfect website, as a website owner, you need to review it, update it, and optimize it to rank high on search engines.

Make sure your website is developed so that you can seamlessly gather the required information. A website developed with Google Analytics can efficiently record significant information.

But having said that, it needs to customize your tracking and a few latest technologies to ensure you can accomplish the desired results.

By integrating analytics, you can effortlessly measure the success of your website as well as your digital marketing strategy.

Web Development and Branding

Visitors take a few seconds to identify a lousy website without telling you the technical faults or any drawbacks. However, they can still judge your website’s quality based on your web design. If the users get any negative or bad feelings regarding your website, it’ll impact your branding efforts.

Hence, it is essential for your website to evoke positive emotions amongst visitors who acknowledge your website as a credible source of information, which helps add more value to your branding efforts.

Ensure that your website reflects your brand because if your website design doesn’t strike your users, it’ll create misimpression and negatively influence your brand.

Thus, your website is your business’s most influential real estate, it should perform its job perfectly of increasing your brand awareness and driving more visitors. So seamlessly integrate all your digital marketing elements.

Why choose JanBask Digital Design?

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  • Maintenance and terrific conversion optimization services to maintain your digital identity.


In short, web development can create a massive impact on your digital marketing strategies. If you make a wrong move when developing your website, it can affect your brand identity also. Therefore ensure that not a single area of your digital marketing strategy gets affected and encompasses all the required elements as a part of the marketing strategy.

Web development plays a significant role in digital marketing strategies, starting from branding and SEO to social media campaigns. Putting in effort with not knowing anything about it can affect negatively.

Hence, it’s recommended to consult a professional web development company which is also a digital marketing services company that will help you through your journey. JanBask Digital Design is a professional web development and digital marketing company that will help you analyze, engage, and convert your visitors into customers.