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10 Websites Like Wordle To Create Word Clouds

Websites Like Wordle

Websites Like WordleWebsites Like Wordle 

If you are a big follower of the fact that “Image speaks Louder the words”, then would be the effect if the image also contains words displayed in an efficient manner, giving some wonderful insights about the depiction. websitelike.com team have gathered some great intel about websites like wordle to let you have some great images with could words.

Here are the top Websites Like Wordle To Create Word Clouds.

1: Tagul

Tagul is best wordle alternative, here you will find cloud generator software that enables you to create your own tag clouds in seconds, this software is free, can be easily downloaded, you don’t have to worry about using this software, all the information about tag clouds generator software is on Tagul.com.

Tagul has lunched several best features that are not available on wordle, like the option for choosing personalized shapes and multiple fonts that are used in your cloud, with Tagul the tagged words can easily use on your websites once they are embedded in a web page.

You can now login by just registering your email, now it is just a few clicks away to create tag clouds for your blog or website, it is totally free

2: ABC Ya

ABC Ya Another site similar to wordle, both are alike in a number of ways. ABC Ya is more fun and attractive to students, it easy to make changes using ABC Ya, fonts, colours, layout etc are all changeable once it is ready with the results. The words cloud can also be saved in jpeg format, you can also print if needed.

Best of ABC Ya is, it can be easily used in class and with family. It is best for all teachers, students and parents. It very easy to use, does not need any login or email. If you are a wordle user, recommend you to use it, you will find this a great wordle alternative.

3: Tag Crowd

In the list of sites like wordle, tag crowd is on number three. It free to use, this application based on a non-profit concept, tag crowd enables you to see the frequency of words unlike in other wordle alternatives, there is no restriction of changing colour, layout, size and shape of fonts.

The look of your word cloud is customizable, it also lets you keep multiple words together in the clouds. Beside these tag crowd also works in many different languages. The word cloud saves as PDF, you can also upload a file or a URL address to work on it, it is very simple and easy, it also shows a preview of your work.

4: Word It Out

WordItOut is an excellent word clouds creator, the good looking arrangements of words in different position user gives it an attractive feeling.

Word it out arranges most important words bigger than others, any kind of text can be transformed in clouds using the word it out, it more than fun using it, its big idea to make custom gifs, easy to summaries large notes, reports, questions and speeches.

You can make you word clouds on random pictures like T-shirt, cup, car, and any picture that you upload, just like in another alternative to wordle word it out also allows you to change fonts colour and layout, this site also lets you have full control of your word clouds. it is free to use, no sing up is required.

5: Make Word Mosaic

If you are in search of best wordle alternative, don’t hesitate to use make word mosaic. It is one of the best tools which helps in enhancing creativity in the students.

It provides more colours and fonts shapes with lets you to use word clouds easily, just like other wordle alternatives, the words clouds you created in making word mosaic can be embedded to your website or blog.

It does not stick you to one format or pictures or themes, you can use a variety of designs to make your word cloud more beautiful and attractive, it also provides social media options for sharing with friends and audience. You can also download make word mosaic apps on your mobile.

6: Tagxedo

Tagxedo is the best wordle alternative, it is more stylish and attractive as compare to all other wordle alternatives, you can turn any text, speech, love letters, slogans, articles, to a beautiful and stylish word clouds, making word clouds with Tagxedo is more than fun, lets you to create your word clouds in real-time, fonts, themes, colours, layout, shapes are customizable.

Tagxedo also lets you save, share and print your work. Tagxedo provides you with full control of your taste, the word cloud can easily be transformed into any shape, ( animals, heart, stars, etc).

7: TagCloud

Words clouds creator, TagCloud was launched in 2005, but now it is offline, soon it will be online when they fix the problem, it is listed so that it can be reviewed when it is back to the job.

8: ToCloud

Tocloud is another best wordle alternative, it is free to use. It lets you use word frequency as weight. When you enter the text, the word cloud software provides a visual representation of your text on the bases of weight associated with them, the heavyweight words appear bigger than others, you can change the layout and colours any time.

Tocloud is a smart way to extract your phrases and work in better shape, as compared to other wordle alternatives and sites like wordle, it provides a quick and easy understanding of how the page is optimized for special words.

ToCloud is also a popular web 2.0 tool, if you have a website or blog, I recommend you to use ToCloud to display a word cloud on your pages to impress your visitors and friends,

9: VocabGrabber

Vocabgrabber is another site similar to wordle, it is one of the best words clouds creator tool for students, vocab grabber picks the most important and useful words and transforms into the word clouds according to the context.

All you need is just copy the text and past to the box and click on the grab vocabulary button. You can add up to 200000 characters at a time when you are done, you will see a list of phrases and words in tag clouds view, you can change the view and colours easily, all words are categorized in subject areas ( art, literature, geography, math, people and science vocabulary)


In the list of a website like a wordle Wordaizer on number ten, Wordaizer create word clouds like Wordle does, it lets you turn word clouds to any size, colour, font, and shape. You can turn word cloud to best shapes on animals stars, maps, sports items and much more, it more fun to use,