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6 Weirdest Superstitions Only Gamblers Will Understand – 2024 Guide

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If you are someone who loves to gamble, you have probably noticed how some people have all kinds of rituals or superstitions that are related to their chances for a win. The main reason for that lies in the fact that most games require mostly luck rather than some special skills to be successful in them, and people tend to create a sense of control over the game, which is reflected in all kinds of beliefs and actions. Even though most gamblers today are trying their luck over online casinos, we can see that most of these superstitions are still present.

On the other side, we have to mention that online gambling is on a huge rise, especially in 2024, when many people got stuck at home, and online platforms remained as the only way to gamble. Another reason for online casinos being more popular than traditional land-based ones is convenience and the ability to gamble wherever you are. Also, the choice of games is much bigger, and you can check 24k Casino if you want to play some of the most popular online slots, blackjack, and many other games.

Furthermore, many people are surprised, but there are a lot of players who share some irrational beliefs during gambling, and how some situations or actions could bring good or bad luck. We can see all sorts of superstitions around the world, and some of them are quite bizarre. Here are some of the weirdest superstitions that only gamblers will understand.

1. Wearing Red

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This irrational belief originates from China, which is known for a tradition full of all kinds of superstitions. For them, the red color represents great luck, and we can see that most of their events and huge festivals like New Year Celebration are placing this color in the first place. Moreover, many gamblers from some western countries also accepted this belief, and many people will wear a red jacket in casino, or even when they are gambling on their phones. It is not so much of a surprise that this tradition of wearing red comes from China, because they have a Feng Shui principle, where everything has to be in the right position for a good luck.

2. Never Turn in Your Chair

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Another bizarre fear of bad luck is linked to turning in your chair while gambling. While you might look ridiculous in some casino if you do that, this belief is linked more to people who loves to gamble from home, over some online casino. There are a lot of people who thinks how turning around while in your chair can bring bad luck. Most of us would agree that there is nothing between this action and luck, but some people like to create some connection between gambling and their actions to create a feel of control over the game.

3. Never Cross Your Legs

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This is one of the most common irrational beliefs related to gambling, and it is present among people who are betting in both land-based and online casinos. It does not matter which type of game you are playing, crossing your legs can bring you bad luck because that action symbolizes the rejection of all potential good luck that you could get. The main reason for this fear is because crossed legs represent the X symbol, which is also used for canceling. Besides legs, many people would refuse to cross their fingers as well.

4. Whistling

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There are very small chances that you will hear someone whistling at the casino. The irrational belief that whistling could bring bad luck is very old, and it is linked to sailors who believed that whistling could bring bad weather and strong winds. On the other hand, you might get annoyed if someone whistles at the same table while you are trying to concentrate, which makes this superstition to be a positive one. Also, it is rude and bothering when someone is whistling in a place where people are nervous and trying to be focused.

5. Having Your Dog Nearby

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One of the most bizarre beliefs is related to people with dogs. According to some irrational fears, having your dog aside can bring you bad luck while you are gambling. While there is no real explanation of this example, we think that it is related to some policies of casinos, where they were using this fear to prevent people to come in a casino with their dogs. An interesting fact is that black cats don’t represent bad luck for gamblers, while even seeing a dog on your way to the casino can mean that you will have a bad time. The weirdest part is that many people who play online games would leave a room or get their dogs outside until they finish gambling.

6. Itchy Hands

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There are various versions of this fear across the world. For example, African people and Native American Tribes believe that irritation on palms will bring you bad luck, while for people in Eastern Europe, especially Serbia and Bulgaria, it is important which palm is itching you. In case that your right palm is itching, that means that you will lose money. On the other side, irritation of the left palm is seen as an indication that you will surely win some money today.


The world is full of all sorts of irrational and bizarre fears and beliefs related to many aspects of life. The most interesting part about gamblers who are superstitious is that many of them won’t pay attention to any of these actions in other parts of their life, but only while they are gambling. There are also many other actions and fears related to gamblers, like choosing some exact amount for a bet, refusing to take some bills, lending money to other people in the casino, and much more. Some of them would even try to get in a casino on the back doors because of a common belief that meeting someone who just lost can transfer his bad luck on you.